Changing the Way U.S. Veterans’ Pain is Treated

In honor of our upcoming Veterans' Day this Friday, November 11th...     Veterans share two key attributes in common: service and devotion to their country. And many also have something else in common: pain issues. Our President and chief of research at Topical BioMedics, Inc. Lou Paradise is a decorated Marine Corps veteran who... Continue Reading →

The T-Shirt Tell-All

Wearing what we all feel! The back of this T- Shirt tells America’s prescription drug orbit perfectly.  Around-and-Around we go popping pills in hope that we feel better, recover and get relief from an illness or injury. However, the we all know from the many commercials on network television…are usually worse than the initial... Continue Reading →

Never Stop Learning about YOU!

One of our favorite quotes here at Topricin is from Mahatma Gandhi, as he advised “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever….” Leading my example is our CEO Research Development and Product Formulator of Topricin® and MyPainAway® products Lou Paradise. Decorated for bravery as a Marine... Continue Reading →

Celebrating One Cool CEO

This past Sunday, we celebrated the 70th Birthday of  our Founder/CEO/President/Formulator and most importantly Friend/Father/Husband to our COO Aurora Paradise/and Leader in the medical community – having formulated a healing technology that reduces people’s need/dependency on all classifications of OTC and Rx chemical pain medications, including opioids. Our Lou Paradise has saved many lives and... Continue Reading →

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