Topricin Sports Cream Joins PSIA-AASI as Official Sponsor



Arapahoe Basin and Keystone, Colorado hosted this year’s PSIA-AASI  National Team Training (Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructors of America). As seen above the thirty elite members gathered from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to unify and refine the methodologies of teaching snowsports. These athletes stem from Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Telemark and Cross Country. All athletes at the top of their fields.

This group certainly collaborated and took it to the next level as the organizations new Vision Statement, “Create Lifelong Adventures Through Education,” became a steady theme. PSIA-AASI CEO Nicholas Herrin noted on reception evening, “I am asking you to challenge yourselves to be better. As instructors, as leaders, and as an association, we have to challenge ourselves to continue to grow.”

Topricin Sports Cream became an official 2017 sponsor to the 32,000 member organization. image003.jpgSports Cream was provided to all of the National team members for their kick off training event this Fall. Team Captain Michael Rogan who spoke to the team on our behalf says, “There was a lot of interest from the team.” Sports Cream helps with the ability to challenge and grow. Whether looking to attain the next level of certification by training on snow or looking to kick up physical training in the gym Topricin Sports Cream can help. As athletic teachers of snowsports, instructors are almost always looked on as conduits of information. Based on the level of trust created in the student/teacher relationship they are often in a position to recommend to the guests products and services outside of the lesson. Like where to dine, activities of noteworthiness, products they use, clothes, shops etc. Topricin Sports Cream certainly entered the arena at the perfect time as more and more people are looking for less screen time and more outdoors time.


Sponsoring this organization according to a Topricin insider, “Makes sense! This product is for athletes, weekend warriors and active people everywhere. Where else do you see the likeliness of all of the above gather but on the mountain!” We really are investing in this organization so as to drive in the message that Topricin Sports Cream is the Training protocol of every instructor whether young or old. Everyone can stand to have a product that is on their side. Topricin, free of parabens, can be used before and after physical activity as well as for acute trauma injuries. When it comes to snowsports we know there are millions of people who visit resorts each year and may benefit from knowing about this product. Available on Amazon or from the Company itself, Topricin Sports Cream is sure to be in every locker, gym bag and jacket pocket this winter. With Topricin Sports Cream its simple…RUB IT IN, and get outside!!!

Stay connected with PSIA-AASI on their social channels!  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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