Our First Fibro Warrior Q&A

Our Fibro Community is an inspiration! We’ve heard from so many strong and inspiring individuals living with Fibromyalgia….their stories, from struggles to successes, are truly awesome! And in their spirit of sharing and assisting their fellow Fibro warriors through tough times, we offer below our first Q&A in our upcoming Fibro Interview Series.

First up is DeLayne Bias. Not only is her name beautiful but she radiates beauty and her willingness to expose her vulnerability while showing her strength is greatly applauded.

We hope you are as inspired as we are from her journey. And after reading DeLayne’s interview, if you too would like to share your story [sure to be thanked with gifts from us!] please contact: media@topicalbiomedics.com

fibrolady7Meet Mrs. Bias!!

Where are you from? I am from east Texas

Describe what a typical day is like for you? A typical day for me is waking up around 9 (on my days off) I usually have to give my body at least 30 min. and take my meloxicam and a muscle relaxer to stop the stiffness and absolute all over body pain. Throughout the day, I constantly take tylenol and have to take frequent breaks no matter what the task. At nighttime, i usually take a muscle relaxer and my sleep medication just to help me fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Sometimes, i will also take a hot shower before bed to really try and relax my body pain.

Any special hobbies? I love to do makeup, whether on myself or others. I love to sing, hangout with my family, and i am also getting back to writing on my blog about my fibromyalgia journey since i am one of the few people i know of that has fibromyalgia at 22.

fibrolady3What inspires your cool style? Honestly, i used to only dress to impress others, and being a plus size woman, i felt like i had to
dress a certain way to be accepted. At some point i asked myself why i
dressed for others and not for myself so i just decided to be confident and do my own thing, and i just ended up developing my own style. Ashley Graham & other plus size models really helped me to find that confidence as well to dress however i wanted.

What was the first signs/symptoms you were having? I was 20, i was working 2 jobs and going to college. i had no pain and life was great. My pain and symptoms seemed to almost happen overnight. At the daycare i worked at, we were having a bowling party and that night i realized i was hurting all over and i thought maybe i just needed to relax. the pain initially started in my shoulders and arms, and just continued into all over body pain, and thats when i decided to see my primary care doctor.

How and when you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? I finally talked to my doctor that i was having horrible body pain that was just so unnatural to me. he proceeded to run many blood tests and do MRIs, and everything was normal except my inflammation levels were off the charts. he sent me to a rheumatologist who did the pressure point test and said that he truly believed i had fibromyalgia. by the age of 21 i had seen 4 specialists and every one of them said that i had fibromyalgia. some were even shocked because they said it was so odd to see fibromyalgia in someone so young. i was officially diagnosed at 21 in November of 2016.

Has having fibromyalgia changed you? Fibromyalgia has changed my entire life. At 19, i worked 2 jobs and went to college while working out. i had no medical problems and life was normal. ever since fibromyalgia, i have to be careful in everything i do, i need help doing everyday things sometimes when i have bad flares, i have to take medication all the time because if i don’t, i end up in the ER. having a job is difficult because now my body is so unpredictable.

fibro2 - CopyWhat were you doing for pain relief before trying Fibro Cream? For pain relief, I would take my meloxicam (all other fibro medications either conflict with my other meds or they dont seem to work) also i would just have to use a heating pad, tylenol, and sometimes trying OTC pain relief creams which never worked, but i was desperate.

How did you discover MyPainAway® Fibro Cream? I actually saw a post about the cream on facebook and i was so excited that i didnt even actually read the post, i just jumped up and told my husband that i had to try it asap!

Were you skeptical? Honestly, because all other pain creams never worked, i was skeptical. but because this was the first cream i had seen for fibromyalgia, i didn’t even care. when you live in constant agony, you skip the skeptisism and just go for it.

What was it like after the first time you tried Fibro Cream? I had been having horrible pain in my arms, shoulder, and legs all day. i bought the Fibro cream and put it on in the parking lot. in minutes (no exaggeration) the pain went away. i was almost shocked. i instantly called my mom and mother in law (they also have fibro) and told them they needed to buy it asap.

fibroladyWhat is your daily/nightly pain management routine? My pain regime now since i have the fibro cream is in the morning i take my meloxicam, and put my fibro cream wherever im hurting in the morning which makes my mornings go much faster. At nighttime, i take my muscle relaxer and re apply my fibro cream, and i actually sleep comfortably.

Any tips you could give to other fibro sufferers? Always have a primary care doctor that believes in fibromyalgia. try to avoid caffeine (its hard to do but it makes a difference). take plenty of breaks even if you think you dont need to, because the next day will be much easier for you. be open to trying different medications for fibromyalgia because there is no miracle pill that will make it go away forever. stretch, and lastly, try to avoid stress. if you have to deal with stress, handle it delicately and think about your health. stress reacts so bad with fibro.

What inspiring words/sayings do you live by? I dont live by any actual saying, except, Fibromyalgia is not who you are. its what you have. dont ever let fibro stop you from living your life. im 22 and having fibro is very hard but i still live my life everyday because life is a beautiful and complicated journey. dont let fibromyalgia take away your life.


I would like to add that people can reach out to me through facebook, i wish i would have had someone to help me out with my fibro questions and bad pain days.

Follow DeLayne on social media! Facebook: stayweirdenyaledd, Instagram: @stayweirdenyaledd Blog:www.stayweirdenyaledd.wordpress.com

 i cant believe i will be the very first featured fibromyalgia story for @mypainaway fibro cream! 💜

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    1. Hi Karen! Couldn’t agree with you more, and that’s why it’s great to have such an amazing strong community to rely on when times are tough. We are stronger together, lifting one another up and listening when we most need it. Thank you and sending love and joy your way today!

    1. Hi Rebecca, you can purchase Fibro Cream direct from our website http://www.mypainawayfibrocream.com or call 800.959.1007 and we can assist you in ordering or answer any questions you have. Also, sold in select CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and other natural retailers, so call store for availability or call us 800.959.1007 for an advanced store search. Thanks!

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