The Best Ever Baby!

With over 4 million babies born in US hospitals each year, we’re moved  to be part of  The Best Ever Baby program – a Social Impact NGO promoting natural health by and advocating for natural, environmentally friendly choices for mothers.


Founded by Kim Walls – an activist for women, health and the environment who was named one of the “9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry” – this program helps mothers and babies avoid health risks from harmful chemicals by offering care kits within medical facilities including hospitals, birthing centers and doctor’s offices nationwide.

These care kits include information, resources, and product samples that are carefully reviewed by a panel of respected doctors, nurses and lactation consultants.


baby100The benefits: Best Ever Baby helps mothers and babies avoid health risks from harmful chemicals and helps make a family’s choice to raise a healthy baby easier.  As well, women trying to become pregnant are more likely to adopt a natural lifestyle since toxic chemicals are linked to infertility so knowing what to include into their lifestyle prior to pregnancy is helpful and healthful.


We supplied 300 packages of our Topricin Foot Therapy Creams to two groups. The Pre-natal focus group (22-32 weeks pregnant), given to moms by OB/GYN doctors and nurses; Ultrasound clinicians and Prenatal educators.  We also supplied The Fertility Focus Group, given to prospective parents by reproductive Endocrinologists and Metro Integrative Pharmacy.


Best Ever Baby responsibly bridges the gap between nonprofits, commercial brands and the healthcare industry. And all appreciate….


“It brings such enthusiasm to any new first time mom. The samples are a great show and tell example during educational visits at any time of a pregnancy, particularly with breastfeeding or lactating products.” – Medical Clinic & Hospital Group, Ventura County, CA

“As a midwife, I always try to educate my expectant mothers with information and tips on healthy and natural ways to bring a baby into the world. The Best Ever Baby kit is an all-in-one resource for information, education, and products. I definitely plan on sharing these with all of my moms!” – Midwife RN, Orange County, CA

Creating a Better Future – Together!




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