Pet Proof & Proven Pain Relief

For years, we’ve experienced a loyal following of customers ordering our “people” cream for use on their pets – heralding the “miracle” of the cream to improve and accelerate the healing of their pets achy and stiff muscles, sprains, skin conditions, bruises, bug bites, sunburn, and alopecia.topricindog

Our Topricin Cream is renowned to treat sore paws and dry pads, while also helping to relieve hip pain issues and arthritis for our furry friends.  A major benefit… since our cream contains no parabens, petroleum or other harmful ingredients, it is harmless for a pet to ingest so you don’t have to worry about them licking it off!

Hear from some of our Happy Pet Owners below:

dog1“Hi, I wanted you to know that Topricin worked like a miracle on my little Rat Terrier Mama. We live in deep snow country and she thinks she a Malamute…any way she sprained her hip pretty good jumping through deep snow and had been bothering her for over a week with on and off limping. After my call with you, I applied some all over her hip and leg and from then on it has not bothered her at all, she’s back bounding through the snow…I also have an older cat Bob he is 18 and suffers  from arthritis,  in his front feet, dog2Topricin much improved his walking ability. I also tried it on one of my older,( I am not sure what to call him, he is this big hairy brown dog with many crosses ) dogs front feet that bother him from time to time. He liked the feeling of the cream on his paw tops and went right to sleep…” THANKS. Carrie

And this note from Donna S:

The Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

“Just this morning I was talking with a person who is a dog lover about how Topricin has helped our little Scottie Victor with skin irritations due to flea bites. Victor was scratching incessantly and the poor little guy has been just miserable.  So I applied the Topricin to his irritated skin and he was immediately relieved. Scottish Terriers have a tendency to develop serious reactions to flea bites and developing serious skin problems because of them. So in using Topricin the irritation has diminished significantly and our little terrier is a lot happier.”

dog17We’ve even been used on horses!!  Here’s feedback from Suzanne A. from Dancing Feet Ranch:  Healing Hearts Humans and Horses: “My filly Wisdom injured her rump and there was a big ouchie under her hair.  It was very swollen and she was in pain so I carefully applied a palm full of Topricin on it.  The next day I was amazed to find the swelling had dropped dramatically, by half.  I applied it one more time and it healed wonderfully.   I am so impressed that there was no limp, no change in her gait, and no obvious sign of injury.”

People nor Pets should live in Pain! We’re proud that our cream works to physically soothe both pet and pet owner so that both can enjoy active lives together in play!




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