Why We’re Biting for Cancer



Our Founders Lou and Aurora Paradise are off to New York’s State Capital, Albany,  Feb 4th for a World Cancer Day launch event with ChefKey and Bite for the Fight to raise awareness in support of The American Cancer Society. 100% of donations benefit the mission of the American Cancer Society [The ACS does not endorse any product of service.]


The Paradises will attend the event this Saturday, hosted at The Desmond Hotel Albany – helping unite the world to stand up and fight back against cancer!

bite14Topricin products are renowned for effectively treating people with cancer who are suffering from chemo-induced neuropathy and the after-effect of radiation therapy, including burns.


Lou and Aurora have been called to join  Bite for the Fight – a viral video fundraiser for the American Cancer Society based on personal dedications and healthy eating.

bit1Food Network celebrity chef Robert Irvine is part of the cause as he invites everyone around the globe to have a voice as they dedicate their own personal video to a loved one who has either passed away from cancer, battling cancer or is a survivor. Individuals may create teams to include friends and family members to honor the loved one.

Watch example videos on ChefKey Vimeo  taste44

So we ask our followers and fans to join in and participate – whether it’s just clicking on “Bite for the Fight to show your support, sharing videos, creating a video, joining or supporting a team, and/or by making a donation. Also, use social media to help raise awareness!

Biteitforward.com    #Facebook.com/bititforward  #twitter.com/biteitforward


Why Eat Hot Peppers? The hot pepper challenge simulates the burning sensation in the mouth and throat that some have reported as an experience after chemotherapy treatments.

**PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes vomiting and hallucinations are induced by eating the pepper and often milk is consumed. The hot pepper challenge has a small number of reported cases of problems or health scares. Please consult your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to take this challenge. Feel free to substitute a bell pepper to represent healthy eating!

chefTeam Topricin is proud to partner with – a multi-faceted social media platform designed for sharing and networking all things food related in a friendly culinary based community. Members in general can share about food, recipes, photos, videos, news, and various events, compete in contests, create custom cookbooks, and give reviews, post links to information including websites, food blogs, and more.

And to learn more about cancer recovery, WATCH  Lou Paradise’s Wellness Talk at the Gloria Gemma Foundation‘s Flames of Hope event, this past Oct. 1st – 2nd, 2016 in Providence, RI.




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