How to Heal a Bacon Burn

Speak to any cook, professional or novice, and he or she will tell you that kitchen burns are some of the most excruciating injuries that can occur!

Exploding interiors of frying oil are sometimes impossible to avoid, as recently experienced by one of our followers Lanie who suffered a severe burn caused by splattering bacon oil.

laneSays Lanie,

“It was excruciating! I can’t even describe the instant pain and there-after daily pain…I had to pack for school and couldn’t even fold my clothes, my mom had to help! I felt helpless not having the use of my hands”


Luckily Lanie’s mom was in-the-know and had our After Burn Cream [literally] on-hand.  She instantly applied the cream on Lanie’s hands to soothe and then she prescribed a daily dose of 2-3 applications/per day to help promote healing.

Ten days later, Lanie’s hands are back…she’s writing for school and cooking again [but certainly has learned her lesson and now chooses to bake her bacon rather than fry!]


Burns tend to hurt more than other common scrapes because the pain is a lengthy, elongated experience. From the initial sear, the burn continues to trigger neurons, building into an almost unbearable stinging, where the body can only focus on the alarm of pain. Oil burns are some of the worst because they attach to the skin, coating and sticking the burn deeper and deeper.


That’s why we recommend stocking your kitchen cabinet with After Burn Cream – helping soothe burns instantly while promoting rapid healing [plus it’s odor and grease free so no risk of spoiling food!]

Cook without Fear, your pain relief cream is here!


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