How to Workout at Work!


We’re Yoging….That’s right, yoga and working at the same time!  All recently made possible with the lead and tutorial of Topricin friend and loyal-user Kristin McGee.


Even though she just gave birth to twin boys [Congrats!] Kristin amazes us that she still has time to launch her new book Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Yourself to a Happier, Healthier You through Harper Collins. She certainly is flexible and peaceful to balance it all!

Says Kristin, “the art of yoga is being able to be present anywhere and tap into your vital life force to keep your body flexible, strong, and healthy.”

Chair Yoga is exactly what it sounds like, yoga exercises that you can do sitting down, anywhere, anytime. Kristin’s easy-to-follow yoga instruction guide includes 100 chair yoga poses and exercises for all ages and stages.


The simple exercises found in the book certainly have helped us achieve remarkable physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits

We all know that sitting all day, every day takes a toll on the body. So try Kristin’s Chair Yoga to help combat the negative impacts of sitting – reduce muscle pain and tension, decrease mental stress, and help improve your digestion.kristin-mcgee

You can buy the book here and also download a FREE Video from Kristin.

One of our favorite warm ups from the book is ‘Sun Salutations with Twists.’

Advises Kristin: Start seated at the edge of your chair with your feet hip width apart and planted flat on the floor. Inhale lift your arms up overhead and press your palms together. As you exhale, start twisting to your right, placing your right hand behind you on the top of the chair and your left hand on your right knee. Inhale back up through center and press your palms again, then exhale, twist to your left. Repeat three to five repetitions and on your last series, you can hold the twist for five to eight breaths on each side.

Cheers to Chairs!


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