Poetic Words on Pain

When Pain gets you Down…Write Poetry!


Our MyPainAway Sports Cream was the muse for Team Topricin all-Star athlete and poet Gale Jaeck-Quick.  Gale is a professional ski instructor and as she recently hit the slopes, she gave a thoughtful thanks for the support of our Sports Cream – paying homage with the poem below:


An Ode to the Sports Cream By Gale Jaeck-Quick

Preserving what’s working

Prevailing over what’s Ailing

MyPainAway Sports Cream


Keeps me from Failing


As I get up and try again

To fulfill the shoes I’m bound to be in


My stiffness, soreness

Geez I pulled what?

No time for this

I’ve got to show up!



Applying the sports cream

Smooths on like a dream


A tell-tale sign

I will be fine


Lacing one foot, two foot

Get up and out the door


MyPainAway Sports Cream

I sure need to order more!!!


To quote Samuel Johnson, English Writer 1709-1784..Poetry is the Art of Uniting Pleasure with Truth. Thank you to Gale for inspiring and speaking your truth.  Now off to Nature!


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