Poetic Words on Pain

When Pain gets you Down…Write Poetry!


Our MyPainAway Sports Cream was the muse for Team Topricin all-Star athlete and poet Gale Jaeck-Quick.  Gale is a professional ski instructor and as she recently hit the slopes, she gave a thoughtful thanks for the support of our Sports Cream – paying homage with the poem below:


An Ode to the Sports Cream By Gale Jaeck-Quick

Preserving what’s working

Prevailing over what’s Ailing

MyPainAway Sports Cream


Keeps me from Failing


As I get up and try again

To fulfill the shoes I’m bound to be in


My stiffness, soreness

Geez I pulled what?

No time for this

I’ve got to show up!



Applying the sports cream

Smooths on like a dream


A tell-tale sign

I will be fine


Lacing one foot, two foot

Get up and out the door


MyPainAway Sports Cream

I sure need to order more!!!


To quote Samuel Johnson, English Writer 1709-1784..Poetry is the Art of Uniting Pleasure with Truth. Thank you to Gale for inspiring and speaking your truth.  Now off to Nature!

Team Topricin

Collaborative entries on health, wellness, pain management and prevention!

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