Read this Business Book for Success in 2017

If you desire business success in 2017, check-out this B Corp Book!!

We’re thrilled that our Founder and Formulator Lou Paradise was selected as one of the 32 inspiring entrepreneurs who offer an alternative of hope and positivity in the book Miles Ahead by Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar.

A road story and business book combined, Miles Ahead tells the story of a motorcycle journey from Chile to New York, and 32 social businesses from 13 industries across the Americas, that are working towards a better world.


Miles Ahead  is available in both English and Spanish on and Dutch

Says Max, “I poured all my positive energy and love into it, both textually and visually.”

Topical BioMedics was the last company visited by Max and as he writes, as he got off the train and spotted our Founder and Formulator Lou Paradise, “the chemistry is immediate…”


In response, says Lou to Max…”Congrats on your book launch! You are an inspiration to our world with your wonderful dedication and genuine awareness for people and life – telling their stories and in your case touching lives as only you can around the world…Bravo Max!”

Support and BUY the Book….you’re sure to be inspired and will help contribute to bringing better and brighter news to our world!


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