Stand, Protect, Participate!


Our company is taking a stand regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. We’re getting involved to support our land, water, our global citizens and future generations!


Standing Rock is to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Construction of this pipeline through the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers poses a serious threat to the water supply of the Native American tribes—and all 18 million residents—that live along its course. Many are concerned that the $3.78 billion pipeline, which would carry at least about 470,000 barrels of oil across four states daily, would pollute a major water source and destroy ancestral burial and sacred prayer sites.

standingrock9In Lakota, they say “Mni Wiconi,” which means “Water is Life.” And we agree! Just think, 65-90% of each cell in the human body is made up of water. We are of water and must protect it.

That’s why we’re joining forces and holding hands with many to show the world that we demand change to protect our waters. As a B Corporation, we honor the triple bottom line – Profit, People and Planet.  It is our responsibility to stand up for our world and we are so grateful to join forces with fellow B Corps Last Triumph , lead by @Jarod Hadaway , along with B Corp Guayaki that are donating supplies to the water protectors at Standing Rock.



Last Triumph is an independent record label located in Minneapolis on a mission to empower musical artists while developing healthy communities through sustainable development.  Their team member Jarod will be driving out to the camp this week to personally donate supplies to the water protectors. Winter has hit Standing Rock and the water protectors on the ground will need more resources to get through the coming days. They must confront not only the reported aggression of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, but also the below-freezing temperatures!



As part of Topricin’s #GetReliefGiveRelief program, we will be donating 250 tubes of Topricin to assist the water protectors….helping relieve aches and pains from standing and walking to protection against wind burn, dry skin & lips, and swelling. We know we can help soothe the souls that are physically dedicating their efforts to support our  world.




Our CEO Lou Paradise, a Veteran, also honors the 2,000 + veterans that have agreed to act as human shields to protect protesters from December 4 to 7, according to a Facebook event.  They launched the effort, called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock.

If you wish to personally donate, there are at least three wish lists on Amazon that offer an easy and efficient way to send essential items to Standing Rock: Last Real Indians’ Standing Rock Needs You,  Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council,and a  wish list from the Sacred Stone Camp


Supplies, cash, or check donations can also be sent to:Sacred Stone Camp P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538 or 202 Main Street Fort Yates, ND 58538

Also, please follow @lasttriumph on social media where Jarod will be posting about his travels.

We’re proud to B The Change, using Business as a Force for Good!



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