Why We’re Grateful

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you….our loyal family, friends, and all our followers!!


We are extremely grateful that our work touches and changes lives everyday. Our hearts are continually filled by stories we receive from our loyal customers that capture their Topricin and MyPainAway experience.  We are humbly honored to see how we’re changing the way the world treats pain and restoring quality of life!

Below we get personal this holiday season, sharing some of our powerful people stories….


J. Litz:”With all my  pain and my pins and needles and nervepain, I have tried everything and nothing worked! I have tried lidocaine, patches, I have tried heatingpads, I have tried all kinds of medications and so many other different things. And honestly this cream has been a God send for me. It helps with my neuropathy. It helps with my fibromyalgia. It helps with my nerves. It helps with my  eg cramps. It helps with my muscle and my joints It helps with my sciatica nerve pain. It helps when my  hands and feet go numb which happens ALL THE TIME. Now nothing is perfect . It doesn’t take my pain away. I’m in pain literally 24/7. I’m in excruciating pain but to find a product that actually helps is nothing shy of a miracle.   Thank you #mypainaway.”

J. Raber: “This Fibro Cream is amazing…I have testimonial39terrible hand and foot pain and within 10 minutes my pain is gone. I wish you would make a bubble bath with this product…I cannot imagine how awesome I would feel after a bath like that. Thanks so much for making this product…God Bless!

testimonial33T. Fryman:”I have tried it an I love it, I also had a double breast mastectomy because of Breast Cancer, and it help with the scaring too…bet they didn’t know that… makes your scars soft and not as tight, and painful. I love my MyPainAway cream.”



S. Williams :” Topricin helped save my life when I wound up with chronic nerve pain and had one of the most major back surgeries you can have and knee surgery. I don’t know how I would have gotten through some days without it and I still rely on it all the time. I think it is the medicine of the gods and was created with some kind of divine intervention. I swear it probably can fix anything. Love you Topricin! Thank you to infinity! You have made the miracle homeopathic drug!”


O. Hosek [professional athlete]: “After a stressful week of ankle worry/care and rehab I am back off crutches and walking normally. Diagnosed with a grade 2/grade 3 sprain with the possibility of an avulsion fracture (tendon ripping off a piece of bone 😲) or subluxed cuboid on Monday, the week was spent debating on x-rays and mri’s. 😷😷 After a few days of resting it, it started to feel better coupled with passing an avulsion fracture test I decided against them. With some magic rehab and #Topricin I am progressing quickly and itching to get back out there. 👣💥”


J. Saab [Spartan Warrior]: “Lazy lazy Sunday, sipping coffee and watching Ocean’s Thirteen. I rolled my ankles a couple times yesterday, but rolled my left one hard right before the Tyrolean rope. Of course it’s the same vulnerable ankle from last year🙄 Thankfully, I didn’t sprain it, but I woke up this morning not fully bearing weight on it. Doing the usual ice, rest, and @topricin routine. Still taking care of my bilateral patellar tendonitis by icing it right now. Things could be worse, so I’m grateful. Only thing missing that can make this girl happier is ice cream😋”



M. Honor [Fitness Trainer]: “Healing time cut in half!!!! …..you guys always have the best stuff!!! Always helps this klutz heal faster for the next lunacy adventure.”





 CrazyCreoleMommy.com  [who suffers from Inflammation in her system from the IBD & Ankylosing Spondylitis]: “So, my first few weeks of coaching and training were bogged down with nausea, body aches and serious fatigue. I slathered my body in Topricin How’s the coaching? The coaching is going pretty good. I’ve been studying drills online and asking friends who play soccer for tips. It’s also created a great bond between me and Jax. The heat hasn’t been so great with the games, however, the constant walking up and down the sideline has helped the mobility with my arthritis. I have to be consistent with my ointments post game, but it’s helped with my stiffness.”

And in honor of the holidays, check-out MyPainAway Sports Cream on Broadway with the incredible  Radio City Spectacular Dancers rocking at Radio City Music Hall!!


We appreciate and are grateful for all your love and support and we dedicate our lives to helping save lives and restoring quality of life – safely and with no side effects.

We Give Thanks!



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