Pregnant? How To Stay Fit, Pain-Free!

From Prenatal Pilates to Barre with a Belly, more pregnant women than ever are showing up to the gym daily, maintaining their fitness levels no matter their growing bump…


pregnant20Meet two fit moms-to-be Kristin McGee  [Celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor] and Nadia Murdock [Author and Fitness Instructor]. pregnant19

Both ladies are determined to workout every day, until their birth day! They  also accept the new challenges that come with pregnancy, especially more aches and pains than usual during and after their workouts. From sciatica to swollen feet, pain and pregnancy often go hand-in-hand.

On a search for something safe to use to prevent and help relieve pain [nothing smelly, chemically, nor internally taken] Kristin and Nadia were thrilled to discover Topricin and  MyPainAway Sports Cream . Free of parabens and without petroleum or irritating chemicals, MyPainAway® Sports Cream uses only natural ingredients to bring down swelling and stop the pain fast.


So Pain during Pregnancy won’t change their Gym Game!


Watch their interview with MizzFit’s Bianca Jade who makes it her mission to inspire women to work out, feel sexy and celebrate their inner jock and fashionista:




30% OFF ALL TOPRICIN & MYPAINAWAY® PRODUCTS!! PROMO: FIT30 [does not include shipping, offer until 01/01/2017]


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