In our Memory…Always

There are souls that touch your life that you think of everyday and one such spirit is Steve Duricko – one of our founders at Topricin and most importantly, a dear friend to us all.

We believe, more than anything, that our Steve is in an amazing new place living his life with abundant peace, joy, and

And to show him our love, we remember him here on the second year of his passing to give a glimpse of our fortune for having worked, learned, and laughed alongside such a great man.


Stephen Duricko passed away on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. Steve brought his management expertise, integrity, and solid work ethic to Topical BioMedics  and his consistent efforts for over 20 years contributed materially to the success of our company.

“Steve’s genuine concern for helping people has been paramount throughout his career,” says Lou Paradise, our President, Founder, and Formulator.  “As a valued partner, he brought his management expertise, integrity, and solid work ethic to Topical BioMedics, and his consistent efforts for over 20 years contributed materially to the success we have come to know with the Topricin brand. He was a dear friend and brother…”


A longtime resident of Red Hook, NY, Mr. Duricko was born in Scranton, PA, the son of the late Stephen and Helen Duricko. He co-founded Topical BioMedics with current founders and partners Lou Paradise and Aurora Paradise in 1994, and served as the company vice president for 20 years.


We honor our new MyPainAway Sports Cream to Mr. Duricko since he was such an accomplished athlete.  He was a standout West Scranton high school football star and athlete under the tutelage of legendary coach Sam Donato. He earned a football scholarship to the University of North Carolina, where he majored in engineering. After serving honorably in Divisional Intelligence G2 section of the U.S Army, he chose a career path that included 32 years of experience as production manager, buyer, sales manager, and director of marketing.

Some of his professional positions included serving as senior buyer of men’s accessories for a national chain of 125 clothing stores, controlling an operating budget of over $8 million.

In 1986 Steve was also appointed director of marketing for Oxford Health Plans, a start-up HMO at the time operating in the tri-state area, where he led the company to annual sales of $18M in its second year of operation. He has also provided independent marketing consulting to the managed health care industry.

Mr. Duricko is survived by a daughter, Jennifer, and husband, Kenan, of Morristown, New Jersey; grandson Dylan and granddaughter Mia, sister Karen, and numerous cousins.

 He lives on in our office with hot sauce; Grandma’s Pizza tradition; remembered jokes and when we indulge in Bread Alone Chocolate Cake and Pie, we salute him! And, no story about Steve would be complete without mentioning his sidekick Bennie the Dog and Dunkin Donuts. He used to go with his dog Bennie and the drive-thru attendant would give Bennie a little munkin as a doggie treat. He said Bennie would always perk-up when he’d hear him say “wanna go get a treat?”



No creature could resist Steve’s genuine life-force. We miss him and honor his contribution to our family always.



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