We’re so enthused about our recent October Exposure in the press so we thought we’d share in one spot ….our own People magazine corporate cover-to-cover;)


To begin, a huge congrats to our Founder and Formulator Lou Paradise who was profiled in  The Huffington Post. He and our entire company are truly on a mission to tackle the epidemic drug, elouradiospecially prescription drug, abuse in our country and it’s a honor and help having our voice shared across such a large platform as is The Huffington Post.

The article was part of the Pioneers for Change series which showcases worldwide leaders and global citizens who share a conviction, and have an idea or passion to create meaningful social change in the world.

And don’t forget to learn more from Lou, you can tune-in Saturdays for his Solutions for Life radio show, station 131 on SiriusXM, 4pm-5pm EST.


All our Topricin products have been a “hot-topic” recently with fitness television personality MizzFit Bianca Jade.

On September 21, at Detroit’s Subscription Summit 2016 and on  FOX 2 Detroit The Nine, Bianca discussed her favorite go-to products as part of her fitness routine and she highlighted our MyPainAway Sports Cream!  Check out the video HERE

Bianca also took us to St. Louis for National Pain Awareness Month.  She posted on her Facebook Fan Page:


No one has time for PAIN, which is why I did this tv segment with Kent from Great Day St. Louis for National Pain Awareness Month. What’s your go-to for pain relief? I ❤ and swear by all these options but Topricin lotions works crazy fast!

You’ll also see us not only on television but on newsstands nationwide as part of OnFitness Magazine. Here’s Certified PTR Instructor Daryl M.’s [who discovered us in the magazine and decided to go out and buy a tube] Review…he wrote our customer service:


I would like for you to know that the MyPainAway™ Sports Cream is really a dream. I am an avid weekend warrior, and my muscle soreness has reduced significantly when I apply the cream before strenuous activity….In sprinting hills to stay in condition for traveling tennis competitions, I noticed that my leg muscles would sometimes present a feeling of tightness or a tinge of pain during hill conditioning that I registered as a sign that I was about to cause an injury. After applying the cream to the muscle of concern (at that time), the tension and pain would diminish. The cream has been an valued addition to my training aids as a fitness trainer and tennis instructor/coach. I have introduced your pain relieving cream to multiple clients and non-clients over the past month.

And finally, you can see our MyPainAway FibroCream virtually in  The New! Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine.  There’s a special promotion offered to their large community so feel free to go online and read the magazine cover-to-cover for helpful advice and inspiration if you or if you know someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia.

We’re so pleased by positive press….Thank you for sharing and caring!!





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  1. I was introduced to TOPRICIN by my neighbor who gave me a couple of free samples which worked pretty well on my neuropathy in both feet. I was using a ‘specially’ compounded cream that had Neurontin [Gabapenten] 10% + Kentmine 10% + Ketaprofin 10% + Lidocaine 5%; and then TRICARE stopped paying for compounded creams. I volunteered to pay ‘out-of-pocket for my cream, until I learned that it would be $250 each x 2 per month. That was vice the +/- $20.00 each, x2 per month. So, let me think about that …for about 20 seconds!
    I recently introduced someone, our house guest, to Topricin, for his neuropathy in both feet; and his reaction was similiar to mine, ‘…wish I had a bucket full of this stuff to put my foot into!’
    My only wish is that y’all would market the ‘sample’ tubes of your foot cream, so I could buy some for ‘short week-end type trips away from home, and not have to pack the [relatively] big container. Otherwise, I am a beliver, and avid supporter of Topricin!

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