Rostros Y La Crema De La Fibromialgia

This Friday. 30th of September. is the opening ceremony of Faces of Fibromyalgia at 5 PM at the Cultural Center of the race, Balboa Park, 2004 Park Boulevard, San Diego, California.


Faces of Fibromyalgia was founded by Brenda Silva, a plastic artist living with Fibromyalgia. For more than 10 years, Brenda has dedicated her art to raising awareness among the Latino community in San Diego, California about Fibromyalgia. spanish1

According to the 2000 census, the Latino population represents 28.8 % of all inhabitants in San Diego. This means there’s a big audience to reach when it comes to raising awareness about Fibromyalgia.


spanish88The campaign “Rostros de la Fibromialgia” (Faces of Fibromyalgia) is an educational health campaign.  With the support of the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, California, it will be held in the month of October during the framework of the Bi-national Health Week that is put together by the Consulate.

Fibromialgia (Faces of Fibromyalgia) aims to show (through artistic photography) the faces of the women, men and children who are affected by this disspanish2ease. The idea of doing it through photos is to help those suffering with their self-esteem and to raise awareness among the Latino society about the reality of Fibromyalgia and correct any misconceptions (such as the belief that Fibromyalgia is only something weak people claim to suffer from….)  Women and men who are living with this condition need to be strong enough to deal with the physical and emotional pain, so the campaign’s goal is to give them the strength and perseverance they need.

Team Topricin is honored to support an event that helps those suffering regain their confidence as strong and beautiful people who, despite a constant battle with pain, continue to love life. Watch this video and come to know the Faces of Fibromyalgia around the world:


To learn more details about this upcoming event, you can check out the Binational Health Week calendar, from the Mexican Consulate. The Consul Marcela Celorio is cutting the inaugural ribbon during the event and Mr. Alejandro Landgrave is going to present and talk about MyPainAway Fibro Cream.

There will also be a special message from Dr. Jorge Velasco Zamora, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to articulate on the progress and the impact of Fibromyalgia on the Latino community. Recent press on the event includes the magazines Mujer Actual, Current Woman Magazine and She South Bay Magazine.
MyPainAway Fibro Cream will be showcased and recommended as one of the products that can help improve quality of life and we are honored that Topricin will receive a Certificate of Participation in Rostros de la Fibromialgia to frame in our corporate headquarters.



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