Safe for Pregnancy and Beyond!

What’s in your Gymom bag? Well, you may first ask, what is a Gymom?!! A Gymom is a woman who is expecting yet still shows up to the gym daily, maintaining her fitness level no matter her growing bump!img_2819

That’s right, staying fit and strong throughout pregnancy is not only important, it’s a nationwide trend as captured recently via a viral Instagram photo of two moms in Australia, with the same due date, comparing their different physical yet fit looks!

fitmomt2From Prenatal Pilates to Barre with a Belly, Gymoms show that they relish their pregnant bodies and feel calm and confident with-child.

gymom_bag2Meet Gymom extraordinaire Fitness Trainer Nadia Murdock – founder of, author of You-Can-Have-All-Fitness, instructor and fitness coach…and a mom-to-be currently six months pregnant with a boy!

Nadia understands on a personal level that mental and physical roadblocks and challenges are often the first and most difficult barrier to overcome.

Nadia is first to advocate that nourishing the body from head-to-toe is key to finding daily success while making a sweat.  She is currently experiencing first-hand more aches and sports10pains than usual during her workouts. From sciatica to swollen feet, pain and pregnancy often go hand-in-hand.  On a search for something safe to use to prevent and help relieve pain [nothing smelly, chemically, nor internally taken] Nadia was thrilled to discover media13MyPainAway Sports Cream . Free of parabens and without petroleum or irritating chemicals, MyPainAway® Sports Cream uses only natural ingredients to bring down swelling and stop the pain fast.

So Pain during Pregnancy won’t change her Gymom Game!

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