Why Nurse Jackie Loves Us

Nurse by Day, Spartan by Night…Meet Jackie Sabas!


Spartan Racer extraordinare who is not only big time in her sport but also a big time user of Topricin and MyPainAway Sports Cream.


About Jackie… her friends call her Jackie or Jax. She’s a Filipino, born and raised in NJ. And sports are in her genes since her parents played tennis all their lives and started training her as early as age 4.

jackie99As a child, Jackie overcame open heart surgery to treat an atrial septal defect, but that didn’t stop her from being active! She continued to grow up and participated in track, basketball, softball, volleyball, and soccer.

Healthcare as a career was her goal since her heart operation and she reached that goal, now a registered nurse and an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner.


Jackie loves obstacle course racing and her race series of choice is the Spartan Race. Why?

Says Jackie It tests your total athleticism in obstacle domination and running mountainous terrain. I started racing in June 2014 with little endurance and no upper body strength. I trained hard and finished up 2014 with 1 Spartan Race trifecta (1 sprint, 1 super, 1 beast course completion) in the open heat. Knowing I can compete under elite standards, I competed with the elites in 2015, finishing 165th elite women internationally, 113rd in US elite women, and 27th for US women elite stadium rankings. I also earned 6 trifectas, including my first ever UltraBeast (2 beast laps) in Hawaii to earn my ultra trifecta in a weekend. For 2016, I continue to race in elite heats, but with a goal of earning 5 UltraBeasts for the year, (Tri-State NJ, Montreal, Hawaii, Vermont, and Lake Tahoe World Championship).

We are proud of Jackie’s amazing accomplishments and are honored to support her physical stamina with MyPainAway Sports Cream. Says Jackie,

By Far, this is my most favorite product…I have either no soreness the next day..really looking forward to using this cream during race season!…


And we’re looking forward to spending race day with you Jackie! Thank you for your support and sportive spirit.


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