A Busy B!


We were so inspired by The Champions Retreat in Portland, Oregon that we have spent the past year B-ing strong!

rippleWe know our force to do good in the world is stronger together so we have energetically focused our efforts on our B Corp activity, joining up with fellow B Corps this year on valuable partnerships that produce positive change.

Our first B branded step was to create our own unique ripple throughout the B Corp community so we created our B Well at Work Program. We wanted all our B Corp friends to stay injury-free; on-the-job so we now offer our powerful pain relief cream with a 30% discount just for B Corp companies. The team at Badger Balm was one of the first companies that received word about our initiative.


The Benefits:

  • Increased Employee Productivity (Less or No Pain = More Productive Worker)
  • Improved Employee Quality of Life and Reduced Employee Absenteeism
  • Reduced Workers Comp Claims
  • Reduced Need/Dependency for all Classes of Oral Pain Medications

bHelping to Change the Way we Treat Pain in our world!  We even featured our program at Expo West – inviting our fellow B Corps to visit our booth to experience relief for their aches and pains after standing and walking around the Expo floor all day


scoopAnd, a specific invite of our ripple, was geared towards B Corp Ben and Jerry’s – inviting their Scoop Shop employees nationwide to partake in our program because we heard at The Champions Retreat that the repetitive motion of scooping can cause chronic pain and injury.

Going beyond our ripple in our community, our team also focused on the Fun! of Being B with contests and sale partnerships with fellow B Corps.

  1. Last August, we joined with Organic India  to make it a Sunsational Summer! We partnered our After-Burn Cream with Organic India’s Peppermint Tea to help people cool off naturally.organicu
  1. We also contributed to Plum Organics Parent Survival Kits because Parenting isn’t always easy, but sometimes…a box of goodies makes it easier! And this past August, we hosted a contest for kids with Plum Organics offering our Fuel On-The-Go Power Pack giveaway to nourish active bodies inside and out.plumpreview
  2. Summer 2016, we helped Ethical Bean launch their unique 100% certified compostable single serve pod…serving them up in our company kitchen and blogging about our experience. We are now loyal fans of their coffee! Plus, we just started our composting program, inspired by B Corp Zero to Go, so this was a perfect opportunity to use our compost with Ethical Bean’s innovative solution to the large environmental challenge of single serve coffee plastic waste.ripple19
  1. We also recently joined up with B Corps RoundPeg and Kuli Kuli Foods on a B Corp Sports Pack, joining forces on a blog and social media giveaway, just in time for school and sports teams to enjoy!
  2. Working with B Corp markets, we’re on the B Corp shopping list at WholeFoods, along with other companies we value and we are currently working in CA and AZ with Yin Yang Naturals as our West Coast Broker.bcorp

We have not only joined forces online and in-stores but we have participated LIVE within the B Corp Community.

We’ve showcased twice at The Healthy Brand Showcase in NYC.  Hosted by B Corp Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations , we joined fellow B Corps brands like Goddess Garden and Lucky Vitamin.ripple44

Our founders Lou and Aurora Paradise also joined more than 100 of our B Corp peers, representing over 50 different Certified B Corporations from 6 different states in New York City at the NYC B Corp Leadership Development 2016.bcorp3

And two Topricin team members went to SVI Hudson Valley –  a weekend retreat for world-changing social entrepreneurs at Rhinebeck’s Omega Institute.  SVI was founded by B Corp member Ajax Greene.gale

Last summer, we hosted Amsterdam resident Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar when he made our corporate office in Rhinebeck, NY the final destination of his six-month, 10,000 mile journey from Santiago, Chile.   Max Lou Aurora

This Fall 2016, we have signed onto a powerful campaign by B Corp Dr. Bronner’s, joining The ‘Business for a Fair Minimum Wage’ list of companies that call for a minimum wage raise to $12 an hour by 2020 and then adjusting it yearly to increase at the same rate as the median hourly wage. drbro

And, we’re thrilled that our CEO Lou Paradise will be interviewed for an article in B Magazine as well as Shawn Berry’s LIFT Economy podcast – sharing news  about our company and how we are a force in regards to sustainable healthcare in this country, raising awareness about addiction.

In our daily life, our B Corp activities include:

  • 5 % of sales of Topricin for Children are donated to Pediatric Cancer Care; 3 % of sales of MyPainAway Fibro Cream are donated to Fibromyalgia Research; and 3 % of sales of MyPainAway After Burn Cream are donated to burn centers
  • We provide Seniors and Vets up to a 50% discount
  • 75% of our suppliers have implemented initiatives to reduce waste production and monitor relevant greenhouse gas emissions
  • We donate tubes of Topricin to free pain clinics via our one-for-one program Get Relief, Give Relief

    And we often host company health lessons including smoothie making and chiropractic care. Our Employee Wellness Program encourages:


  • Two brief breaks during the work day for employees to get up from their desks and stretch/move to encourage better flexibility/movement
  • healthyyesProvides healthy teas and supplements in the break area for all employees to use
  • Provides two mental-health days per year for employees to use when needing additional time off from workteamtopricin
  • Encourages employees to stay healthy by providing a monetary incentive of $10 for every sick-time hour unused at the end of the calendar year (this money must be used by the employee for a wellness-based purchase, ex – new running shoes, gym membership, massage, ski pass, etc.)

We’re also buying credits from 3Degrees.Org to off-set our office and warehouse electricity usage. 3degrees 3degress.org provides renewable energy and carbon offset solutions to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, universities, government agencies and other organizations that are working to make their operations and services more sustainable.

Phew! We’ve been busy but are certainly proud to be a B Corp – Using our Business as a Force for Good.  See you at The Champions Retreat this October in Philadelphia! coffee15




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