How To Age Well…

Have you used a product daily for over 20 years? Few can answer yes to this and even fewer companies can say that they have retained loyal users for such a span of time.



Well, we have a collection of users that have used Topricin since its start, when it was named TPR – over 20 years ago!

Of course, our founders Lou and Aurora Paradise are proof that regular use will prevent pain and injury and keep you living a vibrant, active life…. they run around the office and our entire country, working non-stop yet they’re always full of energy!

But it is feedback from some of our customers who have aged with us for over 20 years that is even more impressive.  Recently, author of  wrote about his long-term use and it is awesome to hear!: He writes: age30

Personally I have been using Topricin over 20 years and have seen amazing results – not only for arthritis pain, but muscle soreness etc.

agemeHe recently discovered our FIBRO CREAM and even though he doesn’t suffer from Fibromyalgia, he tried it out since he knows the magic of our brand.  He says:

I had been experiencing real bad arthritis in both of my hands.  I tried the FIBRO CREAM by rubbing it into my hands and finger joints 3 -4 times a day.


Please keep in mind that I could not close my fists more than about 50%.  Trying to do more was very painful.   Well after a few days I noticed that I could close my fists completely with no pain.  I was just amazed as to how well FIBRO CREAM worked for me.  Now I use it about once a week and am so happy not to have that pain in my hands any longer.  If I do a a lot of activity like playing golf, I notice some soreness and stiffness back in my finger joints.  I just apply the FIBRO CREAM the next day I am back to normal.

I have recommended this wonderful product to several of my friends (Sr. citizens) who tried it and love it.  I highly recommend it for any pains in muscles, joints etc.

Age gracefully, Age strong…..Take us on your journey through life!



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