The #1 Most Ethical Coffee to Drink

We Got Beans from our B Corp Buddies and we’re in Bliss!


We saw a call-out on the BHive [B corps’ social network] from Lauren Archibald – Sales Development and Marketing for Ethical Been Coffee – wanting taste testers for their newly launched compostable coffee pods.

We do love our coffee [that’s why our team is so peppy and full of energy] so of course, we jumped at the opportunity to try! Plus, we love helping out another B Corp.


Ethical Bean Coffee is a leading roaster of 100% Fairtrade certified organic coffee, based in  Vancouver, Canada. Sharing similar values to us, we admire that Ethical Been is committed to social responsibility, global awareness, and environmental accountability.


And their story is sooo sweet.  The founders Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte took a journey to Guatemala in 1999 to adopt their daughter. Their trip sparked a passion for the culture of the country and inspired a desire to better the lives of the farmers and families living and working in the coffee industry. When the couple returned to Vancouver in 2013, they launched Ethical Bean Coffee.  Awww…!

ethicWe adore our Northern Friends already [Topricin team member Christina is Canadian!] but we are now commending O’Canada for shining a Northern Light on environmentally-friendly coffee.

coffee2Ethical Bean just launched their unique 100% certified compostable single serve pod and it’s a win-win for us.

caWe just started our composting program, inspired by B Corp Zero to Go, so this was a perfect opportunity to use our compost with Ethical Bean’s innovative solution to the large environmental challenge of single serve coffee plastic waste.

Ethical Bean’s new 100% compostable pods are made from coffee bean chaff and other renewable materials.  The entire pod can be thrown directly into the green bin and will completely break down in a municipal composter in less than 84 days!!!


Did you know that it is estimated that 10 billion single serve plastic coffee pods are thrown into North American landfills every year.  Ugh!

Says Ethical Bean Co-founder and CEO, Lloyd Bernhardt. “Our new pods provide a better solution for single serve coffee drinkers who appreciate great tasting coffee and are concerned about the environment.”

You can buy Ethical Bean’s 100% compostable single serve pods on Amazon and at select US retailers.

We’re cheering with our coffee mugs, enjoying our delicious and earth-friendly coffee.  And even if we cheer too strongly and spill, we’re not worried! We’ve got our MyPainAway After Burn Cream on-hand;)


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