How To Age Well…

Have you used a product daily for over 20 years? Few can answer yes to this and even fewer companies can say that they have retained loyal users for such a span of time.   Well, we have a collection of users that have used Topricin since its start, when it was named TPR –... Continue Reading →



There are angels among us and Topricin is proud to be in their presence. The first angel is massage therapist Kate Peck.  A graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute, Kate has been in private practice for 16 years.  She specializes in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, burn scar therapy, and therapeutic massage.  In addition to seeing... Continue Reading →

The #1 Most Ethical Coffee to Drink

We Got Beans from our B Corp Buddies and we’re in Bliss! We saw a call-out on the BHive [B corps' social network] from Lauren Archibald - Sales Development and Marketing for Ethical Been Coffee - wanting taste testers for their newly launched compostable coffee pods. We do love our coffee [that’s why our team... Continue Reading →


We’re delighted that our Media Cabinet is stocking up.  Every once in a while, we like to indulge in showcasing what people are saying about us.  We adore being talked about because knowledge is power and the more people that hear about us, the more lives we can better. And though we have a variety... Continue Reading →


HOPE AND HONOR. It’s been a tough week here in America.  We send our deep sympathy to all families who are experiencing pain and heartbreak.   And though many may be feeling discouraged, we are standing strong and confident about our love for our country! Topical BioMedics, Inc. was founded with the mission to serve... Continue Reading →


We are jumping up from our desks and clapping....Why? We are starting to see the shift! For over 20 years we have been marching strong and proud, determined to show Americans – from Practitioners to Patients - that there are options on how to treat pain! Those who have experienced our research-based biopharmaceutical solutions and... Continue Reading →

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