America’s “Epic” Ninja

Kyle “Epic” Mendoza

A fan and friend of MyPainAway Sports Cream,  Kyle “Epic” Mendoza competed in last night’s American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City Qualifier. We were standing in our living rooms cheering Kyle on as he sprinted and swung through the obstacle course. And Victory!!….he made it through the epic course. Watch Here. Wow, what an amazing athlete with such a great spirit.

By day Kyle is a swing driver in St. Louis, MO. for FedEx. He’s actually so admired by FedEx [he once delivered 44 packages in just two and a half hours!!] that they even featured him in a corporate blog. Check-it out.


So how does one train for Ninja? Well, Kyle has been training since he was 11. He started as a martial artist aspiring to be another Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. With his high energy he easily developed interest in other forms of movement like capoeira, breakdancing and found his way into the world of Parkour & Freerunning.kyle7

Not familiar with Parkour? Parkour is an art around movement. Whether you’re using a rail and vaulting over it, or you see a wall and instead of walking all the way around it, you run up and climb over it. It’s all about getting from A to B as fast and efficiently as you can.

Kyle has always had a passion for teaching and spreading knowledge to help others to progress faster. He began making Tutorials on YouTube and has built a channel with well over 100,000 Subscribers!

kyleSurely, his stint on American Ninja Warrior will gain him even more followers since American Ninja Warrior is in their eighth season this summer on NBC. Those that successfully complete the finals course in their designated region move on to the national finals round in Las Vegas, where they face a stunning four-stage course modeled after the famed Mt. Midoriyama course in Japan. The winner takes home a grand prize of $1 million!!

ninja4And did you know that the warrior is based on the global hit “Sasuke,” from the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, the original series is now in its 31st season in Japan. To date, only three contestants have completed the Japanese course.


Congrats to Kyle! We’re proud that MyPainAway Sports Cream is part of his athletic regime and know he’ll recover quickly after Ninja. Thank you Kyle for being part of our team of admiring athletes.kyle10


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