How To Ruin Your Vacation

Has your vacation ever been ruined by a burn? No one plans on getting a sunburn! However,  all too often, exposure to sun while having fun can turn a vacation upside down quickly.

We have a couple of stories in our own office in which our kids suffered burns on holiday:


Antibiotics - Medical Concept. Composition of Medicamen.The first is from our General Manager Michelle.  Michelle’s daughter Lanie survived a severe sunburn last summer while on a family vacation in Costa Rica.  Lanie was wearing sunscreen everyday but she was on antibiotics and had no idea that it increased her sun sensitivity.

limeAccording to WebMd, Prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain relievers, herbal remedies such as St. John’s wort, perfumes, exfoliating skin care products, and even some sunscreens can increase sensitivity to the sun. And some foods may boost it, too. Contact with a lime peel can actually produce an intense burn, so watch out for those poolside margaritas and vodka tonics!!

Lanie burnt her entire body.  She couldn’t sleep, barely walk, and was in so much excruciating pain that she literally passed out!!  She says that if it wasn’t for her mom bringing the MyPainAway AfterBurn Cream, the family would have had to stop the vacation and return home early.

Good news: Lanie went through 2 tubes of cream and healed quickly. She was able to return to experiencing fun with her family again!

Another holiday burn story occurred just this past Memorial Day Weekend.  Our Director of Public Relations Christina’s son Clark got a severe burn on his back.  He had applied a more “natural” sunscreen, thinking it would be better for him rather than a chemical one.  Unfortunately, though mineral-based UV filters like zinc and titanium are considered least likely to cause an allergic reaction in children and people with sensitive skin, they may be less effective.  [If you’re looking for a list of recommended natural sunscreens, here’s one from Well & Good and we’re proud that some of our fellow B Corps like Badger Balm and Goddess Garden Organics are on it!


Of course, MyPainAway was applied instantly to Clark’s back and he returned back to his smiling self again, just 24 hours later….but this time protected with a sun hat! clarkhat3

Not only was Christina pleased to see her son’s skin heal rapidly but she felt less mom-guilt about the burn causing permanent damage to his skin.  MyPainAway AfterBurn actually treats the damage caused by UVR (Ultra-Violet Radiation) while at the same time prevents DNA disruption to the skin cells. So it immediately starts healing the burn from inside the skin cell.





Want to learn more?! Watch our Webinar Summer Sun Awareness with Lou Paradise.



And a call-out to all families – Prepare yourself for too much Sun! Sunburn’s suck so make sure our MyPainAway AfterBurn becomes your Summer Staple.







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