We’re thrilled that the premier issue of B Magazine is arriving at subscribers’ homes and offices this week, hundreds of stories are live on, and the magazine will hit newsstands across North America next week!! This is another example of the power of the B Corp community. B the Change Media is a multi-platform... Continue Reading →


Holly and Rodney Peete’s Passion

We are honored today to be part of HollyRod Foundation’s MyBrotherCharlie Goes to the Aquarium event in Long Beach, CA. The HollyRod Foundation was formed in 1997 by actress, Holly Robinson Peete and her husband former NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete and is dedicated to providing help and hope to those living with autism and Parkinson’s... Continue Reading →

America’s “Epic” Ninja

Kyle “Epic” Mendoza A fan and friend of MyPainAway Sports Cream,  Kyle “Epic” Mendoza competed in last night’s American Ninja Warrior Oklahoma City Qualifier. We were standing in our living rooms cheering Kyle on as he sprinted and swung through the obstacle course. And Victory!!....he made it through the epic course. Watch Here. Wow, what an... Continue Reading →

1 Must-Have Gift for Dad

From the trails to the track, in the gym and on the water, if your dad is an active athlete or weekend warrior you need to buy new-to-market MyPainAway Sports Cream Pain can strike anywhere so protect and care for your Dad by arming him with our new powerhouse product.  The formula utilizes 17 powerful... Continue Reading →


So a member of our team was spending a Saturday walking around town with her son. They hadn’t expected so much sun and a few hours into their walk, her son started complaining that his ears hurt.  Yup, they were burnt! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any AfterBurn Cream on-hand [note: keep a tube in purse... Continue Reading →

Our Day to B Proud

On 6/2/2016,  our Founders Lou and Aurora Paradise joined more than 100 of our B Corp peers, representing over 50 different Certified B Corporations from 6 different states in New York City at the NYC B Corp Leadership Development 2016! The B Corp Leadership Development or BLD is an all-day event held exclusively for employees of Certified... Continue Reading →

How to Ruin Your Vacation :(

Has your vacation ever been ruined by a burn? No one plans on getting a sunburn! However,  all too often, exposure to sun while having fun can turn a vacation upside down quickly. We have a couple of stories in our own office in which our kids suffered burns on holiday: Lanie survived a severe... Continue Reading →

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