4 Proud Promotions

We are a dedicated team here at Topical BioMedics, Inc.  Every member plays an immense role in our success and if you visit our office and warehouse, you’ll witness all of us putting our heart and soul into contributing back to our world in everything we do, every day.

There are four team members that we recently acknowledged for their accomplished work – raising them up to new levels of responsibility because they are deserving and so capable.


promo9The first is Director of Finance Michelle Fuoco who has taken on another role, on top of finance, as General Manager.  Michelle has organically practiced this position for years – running around and assisting all departments with their work flow.  She is a talented multi-tasker and is our go-to-support throughout the day!





promo3Another member who has climbed to new and great heights, taking initiative all her own is Karina Foster who is now our Director of Distributor & Medical Accounts.  Karina’s work involves working closely with Distribution accounts and the Medical Professional field who love Topricin/MyPainAway products not only for themselves but to use on their patients and clients.  Congrats Karina for stepping-up to a space that sincerely needed you!





Next is our Gale Jaeck-Quick, Customer Service Specialist, who will not only maintain her position but now has the added title of Sports Coordinator.  Gale will be engaging and speaking about our new-to-market SportsCream.  She will develop a strategic plan to network with hunting/ fishing supply stores, bike shops, ski shops, golf shops…and more! She will also manage the correspondence to the Topricin site for the sports creams with Info@mypainawaysports.com and account@mypainawaysports.com



Our final fourth is Margaret Martino.  Margaret has traveled nationwide promoting us with non-stop energy as Trade Show Coordinator and Customer Service Specialist. Her ability to organize, plan, and not let anything drop is why she was scooped up by our CEO and COO Lou and Aurora Paradise to assist them as Executive Assistant – helping them manage the array of tasks that come their way each day.



Congrats to all for climbing the mountain – the view will be great!



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