Burnt? Why Your Sunscreen Didn’t Work

A new finding by Consumer Reports reads badly if you’re sweet on sun!  For the fourth year in a row, Consumer Reports tested sunscreens (over 60 sprays, lotions, and sticks with SPF 30 or higher), and found that 43 percent of the products don’t live up to their SPF claims!!

Consumer Reports says sunscreens its team has tested over the past four years have had inflated SPFs on their labels (and a third have actually been below SPF 30).

Even worse is waterproof sunscreen…when products claim to be water-resistant for 40 or 80 minutes, it likely has not been verified so a reapply after a swim is a must!oct12-luxe-list

So now you know why you’re burnt…what to do about it?! As featured on Luxelist.com Summer Health and Beauty Boosters …apply our Topricin After Burn Cream!

after-burnHello sun, bye-bye burns! Going above and beyond in after burn repair and pain relief. It heals UV damaged cells in and under the skin, preventing blisters and scarring. It also helps to reduce existing scars through an enzyme action of the cream. The cream actually treats the damage caused by UVR (Ultra-Violet Radiation) while at the same time prevents DNA disruption to the skin cells.  So it immediately starts healing the burn from inside the skin cell. It also uses a coconut oil base to naturally moisturize the skin and it feels fantastic. Learn more here!



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