There is an unfortunate pattern that is spreading across our nation: A person experiences a tragic accident.  Perhaps it’s broken bones from a fall or injuries from a car accident or long-term cancer diagnosis….


No one plans to get hurt but when one does, the standard treatment is to go to a doctor and/or hospital where prescription drugs will likely be prescribed to ease pain.

And here is when the second tragedy comes in.  Yes, opioids may be required in the short term to aid in recovery. But what most patients do not know is that it takes less that 5 days to become addicted to pain killers!  And once that addiction kicks in, it changes lives forever…..and likely far worse than the pain felt from the initial accident.

One very unfortunate example is a story recently featured in People Magazine. Columbine Shooting Survivor: ‘The Shooting Derailed Me, I Became an Addict’

For Austin Eubanks, getting shot at Columbine High School 17 years ago was only the beginning of his troubles…During the 1999 massacre, which killed 13 and injured 24, Eubanks was shot in the hand and knee and was prescribed painkillers at the hospital. Within three months, he says he was addicted to a variety of opioids and other drugs. Read More Here….

Our nation grieved after Columbine.  But to hear that these young souls suffered a second time is seriously sad. And why we passionately share word about our technology as a viable solution to this troublesome double negative in healthcare

Watch this video of Dr. Russell E. Windsor – Hospital for Special Surgery – on why our technology is a game-changer in recovery and proven to help reverse addiction to pain medication


Dr. Windsor has presented his work and served as faculty member in over 250 national and international seminars and has written over 60 original publications and contributed chapters in reconstructive surgery in 40 textbooks.

Together, we can save many lives and assist deserving people like Austin to retain their quality of life after tragedy.  We all deserve to thrive in life!






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