With Love, From Haiti…

As part of our Get Relief, Give Relief Campaign, Topricin donated 1000 tubes of Topricin to a college group going to work at medical clinics in Haiti as part of The Vassar Haiti Project.

Though we gave, we received more in return – being blessed with the beautiful story shared below….With Love, From Haiti:

Dear Karina [Director of Distributor & Medical Accounts at Topical BioMedics, Inc]

Marckenson Verneus, 18, was in the mountainous village of Chermaitre, Haiti where he was visiting his primary school and members of the Vassar Haiti Project on our recent trip there in March.  Marckenson has dropped out of secondary school three times because his parents could not afford the tuition.  Under a new program started by VHP this year, he is one of eight students who is being supported by benefactors here in the states for his yearly tuition and board.

While up in the mountains, Marckenson complained that his toe was hurting him alot…The previous night, he kept his room mates up screaming with pain…As you can see, he is a strong, young man so the level of his pain must have been excruciating. (see photo below)4

The clinic was a two hour hike down the mountain and the doctor wasn’t arriving until the next morning.  We had no medicine that could curb the pain. I remembered that we had some of the tubes of Topricin that you so generously donated to us.  Until he could see the doctor, the Topricin gave Marckenson some relief, the only relief we could give him.  The next day, the doctor diagnosed the patient with an infection in his toe and did surgery.

Thank you so much for your contribution of this wonderful cream…we are dispensing it in our clinic in Haiti to patients in these rural mountains.

Lila Meade

Co-Founder and President
Vassar Haiti Project


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