The True Heroes in Healthcare

Nursing is an art and nurses are compassionate heroes willing to take on the ills of the world and put a smile on the face and heart of the people they care for.


Together with Hudson Valley Magazine and our community’s top hospitals and generoushudsonvalley6 companies, we are honored to celebrate our Hudson Valley Nurse Warriors and the extraordinary contributions they make to patients, as we pay tribute to the Hudson Valley’s top nurses at the 2016 Excellence in Nursing Awards coinciding with National Nurses Week at The Grandview, in Poughkeepsie NY.

The nursing profession is the face and essence of the healthcare system! They are on the front lines of patient care from start of visit to end.  Who hasn’t experienced a nurse that made you smile, even though you were experiencing pain?!

As this year’s reception, the top nominated nurse in The Hudson Valley will be given a special gift and a local high school senior will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship to pursue his or her dreams of becoming a nurse.

To All Nurses out there – we say “thank you” for giving hope, help and healing!

And check-out this beautiful story just featured in The Huffington Post about a group of nurses who arranged a wedding ceremony and party for a woman, a mother of three, battling stage four stomach cancer. nurse5


#NationalNurseWeek #WeLoveNurses….


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