The Sweet Taste of Victory


Our MyPainAway FibroCream was selected in Taste for Life’s 2016 Women’s Essentials Awards.  Out of all the products in health food stores and grocery stores, we were highlighted as an essential for women’s health.



In good company among other brands we respect like Nordic Naturals; GoodBelly; …..And our special family friend brand that we sell on our Topricin site – Host Denfense!

We are featured in the May edition of Taste for Life Magazine and online HERE!veganbowlsquare-45461

Taste For Life magazine is your one-stop natural health resource. If you’re curious about how to enhance your health naturally, this is the magazine for you. Eating seasonally? You’ll love their wholesome recipes. Many are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free! Looking to regain balance and health with medicinal herbs, functional foods, and targeted supplements? Their site is full of science-based solutions. They believe that beauty is natural, and show you how to look radiant without putting yourself at risk from toxic products. You can also learn about other issues of concern for the conscious consumer—including information on GMOs and organic.

fibormyaglia2016And what better time to have our FibroCream selected and shown off but during Fibromyalgia Awareness Month! More to come on our participation with our FibroWarrior community this month but we’re thrilled that more people will get to know us.  Taste for Life Reaches 300,000 consumers, and is in all Mrs. Greens stores and 1,000 locations, including Wegmans!


Pick up your magazine today and find a special promo!



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