4 Proud Promotions

We are a dedicated team here at Topical BioMedics, Inc.  Every member plays an immense role in our success and if you visit our office and warehouse, you’ll witness all of us putting our heart and soul into contributing back to our world in everything we do, every day. There are four team members that... Continue Reading →


Craving Sugar? Take this Quiz

Congrats to our friend Alexander Jamieson on landing the cover of Experience Life magazine.  Alexandra has been a friend of our family for over a decade and we applaud her warrior wellness spirit –encouraging us to live our best lives! You may have first heard of Alexandra as The co-creator of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super... Continue Reading →

The T-Shirt Tell-All

Wearing what we all feel! The back of this T- Shirt tells America’s prescription drug orbit perfectly.  Around-and-Around we go popping pills in hope that we feel better, recover and get relief from an illness or injury. However, the side-effects...as we all know from the many commercials on network television…are usually worse than the initial... Continue Reading →

The One Single Herb You Need!

Our office pantry is stocked with bottles of B Corp Organic India Tumeric Tablets Why? Well, other than appreciating this great company – see the partnership we did with them last year – we also know that Tumeric is one of the healthiest herbs for health! Says Dr. David Frawley, Founder of the American Institute... Continue Reading →

Burnt? Why Your Sunscreen Didn’t Work

A new finding by Consumer Reports reads badly if you're sweet on sun!  For the fourth year in a row, Consumer Reports tested sunscreens (over 60 sprays, lotions, and sticks with SPF 30 or higher), and found that 43 percent of the products don’t live up to their SPF claims!! Consumer Reports says sunscreens its team has tested over... Continue Reading →


There is an unfortunate pattern that is spreading across our nation: A person experiences a tragic accident.  Perhaps it’s broken bones from a fall or injuries from a car accident or long-term cancer diagnosis.... No one plans to get hurt but when one does, the standard treatment is to go to a doctor and/or hospital... Continue Reading →

With Love, From Haiti…

As part of our Get Relief, Give Relief Campaign, Topricin donated 1000 tubes of Topricin to a college group going to work at medical clinics in Haiti as part of The Vassar Haiti Project. Though we gave, we received more in return - being blessed with the beautiful story shared below....With Love, From Haiti: Dear... Continue Reading →

The True Heroes in Healthcare

Nursing is an art and nurses are compassionate heroes willing to take on the ills of the world and put a smile on the face and heart of the people they care for. Together with Hudson Valley Magazine and our community’s top hospitals and generous companies, we are honored to celebrate our Hudson Valley Nurse... Continue Reading →

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