Hello Sun, Bye-Bye Burns


Have you ever had a vacation ruined because of a burn or your child’s burn? Unfortunately, most have experienced the pain of a burn and the damaging effects it has on the skin…and one’s social life!


Which is why this Spring and Summer, people are applauding a new technology that goes above and beyond in after burn repair – MyPainAway AfterBurn Cream.   Aloe is great to soothe a burn but MyPainAway AfterBurn Cream offers a vibrant new pain relief option for those suffering with sunburn, windburn and other minor burns, by healing UV damaged cells in and under the skin, preventing blisters and scarring. It also helps to reduce existing scars through an enzyme action of the cream. The product actually treats the damage caused by UVR (Ultra-Violet Radiation) while at the same time prevents DNA disruption to the skin cells.  So it immediately starts healing the burn from inside the skin cell.  Soothing, Moisturizing Relief.healthybrand2

 Amazon Review 5 Stars:

5.0 out of 5 starsbetter than high quality aloe vera !!

By ARC on November 30, 2015

WOW !!!!!! My husband got a grease burn on his hand and my son loaned a tube of this to us the same day. It took the pain away within 2 minutes and it has healed incredibly fast and pain free !! I ordered 2 tubes today and will keep one at home and one in my travel bag for sun burns etc.. We have used many other natural products including high quality aloe vera, but nothing compare to this product. A little goes a long way , so this tube should last for a long time.

Stepping beyond the Beach and into serious Business, MyPainAway AfterBurn is used in medical facilities nationwide.  Surgeons recommend the cream to womeBREASTn having a mastectomy procedure.  AfterBurn is of great benefit to these women in a number of ways: AfterBurn has more skin medicines to restore the skin to full function, immune support, and temperature control.  It contains an enzyme action that reduces scarring especially for anyone who as a tendency for keloid type scar tissue. AfterBurn treats the cells on, in and under the skin – especially useful for the discomfort caused by radiation therapy, which is a common treatment option after a mastectomy.

MyPainAway Founder and Formulator Lou Paradise and COO Aurora Paradise are joining up with Shriner’s Hospital for Children of Boston & Springfield  and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in Boston, Saturday 4/16 for Ignite the Night: A Celebration Benefiting Burn Thrivers Worldwide.  This benefit directly serves and supports HandReach, a local nonprofit aiding burn survivors internationally. Worldwide, burn injuries are the most underfunded injury, and HandReach is extending help across the map to ensure the best practices in pediatric burn and amputee care and rehabilitation are available in places they’re needed most. HandReach is the sole American-based organization helping burn thrivers internationally by maximizing institutions’ abilities to treat complex injuries and promote full rehabilitation for children, regardless of income and no matter how far away the corner of the world they occupy.

WATCH this video – Our founder Lou Paradise with Dr. Brecken Chinn speaking to the issue of burn victims and the need to increase the level of care, and founder of HandReach.


Changing the Way we Treat Burns. Protecting Skin from Sun Damage. Improving Vacations and Lives under our beautiful Sun.

Hello Sun, Bye-Bye Burns! BUY here 20% OFF promo: FB2

Watch MOMMY GREENEST Rachel Sarnoff video review HERE!!



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