Cost-Effective, Workforce Health Solutions

Pain affects 1 in 3 workers, and is the leading cause of Disability and Lost Productivity in the work-place – costing $294 billion annually in lost workdays, medical expenses and other benefit costs!!


Back pain, Arthritis, Neuropathies, and Repetitious motion and Cumulative Trauma Injuries are often the cause of absentee or inability to perform employment duties.

Thank goodness we offer a solution!! For over 20 years, Topricin pain relief and healing cream technology has offered the most cost effective means of improved outcomes and reduced employers costs:

  •  Effectively treat and Prevent Worker Injuries
  • Reduce Need Dependency for All Classes of Oral Pain Medication
  • Reduces Lost Work Days and Lost Productivity
  • Reduce Workers Compensation Claims
  • Dramatically reduce: Pain, Suffering and Disabilities

We are on a mission to support and encourage a healthy workforce – providing an at-hand natural option to relieve pain, quickly and effectively. We want to be in every lunchroom, desk drawer, glove box, medicine cabinet and First Aid Kit!!

Successfully having already partnered with CorhealthCorHealth [a division of Vets Access LLC], we are now reaching out to our fellow B Corp Companies and offering a special B Well at Work program.  From packing boxes in the warehouse to sitting at a desk around-the-clock, employees deserve not to suffer in pain.


For example: We recently heard from some Ice-Cream Shops that their employees suffer from the repetitive motion of scooping, so we are directly connecting with these companies, including B Corp Ben and Jerry’s, to naturally support their team members.


Another B Corp is Badger Balm whom are excited to offer our program to their shipping and production departments.



We all want to feel and Be Well at work – improving employee quality of life and reducing employee absenteeism.

A Healthy Worker is a Happy Worker!! For more information on our Be Well Program and to receive a special discount, contact




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