A heart-breaking statistic: The Centers for Disease Control reports about 650,000 cancer patients receive chemotherapy each year in an outpatient oncology clinic in the United States.

We are humbled that our products are so effective in significantly reducing the pain and suffering of chemo-induced neuropathy for so many people being treated with chemo therapy. It really touches us deeply when patients call us to let us know they are also off pain pills, and how we have had a part in restoring their hope of getting better and knowing they will get there quality of life back. There are no words….

In the mission of our Get Relief, Give Reliefmissionlogo project, helping change lives, we have joined up with two beautiful partners, who have dedicated themselves to caring and contributing to the lives of cancer patients.

Bonnie Boxes of Love: A regional grassroots initiative that has gone international, providing decorative boxes that contain essential items for individuals undergoing cancer treatments. Items fulfill physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs. Bonnie Boxes of Love was founded by Cindy Snow who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, she underwent hours-long chemotherapy treatments.

During her sessions at the Dyson Center for Cancer Care in Poughkeepsie, she was treated intravenously, preventing her from getting up or moving around much. Luckily, a friend or family member was always nearby, keeping her company. Yet others in the treatment room weren’t as fortunate. “What bothered me the most was when I was getting the chemo, people were dropped off and sitting there for six hours, nobody by their side,” said Snow, who lives in Wassaic. “That’s when I thought of Because We Care boxes.” She filled shoe boxes with goodies, such as crackers and ginger ale, word search games, writing pads and pens, hand lotion, hard candies, small stuffed animals, bubbles and more. She left a few of the boxes with nurses at the center and asked that they anonymously give one to anyone who sat alone during chemo therapy.  We have lovingly sent 1000 tubes of Topricin Foot Therapy to be included in the boxes and will continue to replenish.  Says Cindy: Topricin has provided such relief to those going through treatment.  I and they can’t express our great gratitude.


Our other beautiful partners, all the way from New Mexico, are Susan and Kevin Black from  We have been working with this mission-driven couple for a year and    hacancer2ve seen their great efforts close-up helping thousands of people.  Kevin and Susan hand-pack personal gift bags and distribute to cancer support networks nationwide.  Their efforts to provide complementary and conventional options for those battling breast cancer are greatly admired. Susan and Kevin Black recently joined forces with Young Survival Coalition (YSC) – the premier organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Young Survival Coalition (YSC) was founded in 1998 by three young women who were under the age of 35 when diagnosed. They were discouraged by the lack of resources available and the under-representation of young women in breast cancer research. Today, YSC is the go-to organization for young women facing a breast cancer diagnosis.cancer

Please proudly support our cancer warriors, by offering support, care, and love. Together we have the power to heal the world….one tube and one person at a time.




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    1. MyPainAway will work very well, even with diabetic foot neuropathy. In the future however we would recommend that you seek out the Foot Therapy Cream as it is specifically formulated to treat those issues and symptoms.

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