People are prepping for the Oscars, LIVE Sunday, Feb 28th  … So we felt now was the time to strut our stuff a little and showcase what people are saying about us.  We’ve been blessed with a lot of positive attention the past few years and we are super grateful! Now’s our time to shine and we humbly feel the warmth from being in the spotlight.

So announcing our Media Cabinet!!! We’ve opened the cabinet door to reveal our full stock of features – from television to magazines to celebrity mentions – it’s so fun to see where we’ve been and who has discovered our award-winning products and shared it!

Some of our media highlights:

louaurora3In July 2015, our celebrated CEO/COO Lou and Aurora Paradise headed to Hollywood for the movie premiere of American Addict 2: THE BIG LIE. Featuring Matthew Perry, Jonathan Davis Official and Ron Paul MD.



Did you see us in the check-out line? We were a Celebrity Fall Favorite in Life & Style Weekly Magazine, 2015.






And, happy to be shared with those specifically seeking pain products, PainPathways Magazine included us in Helpful Products & Resources in June, 2014.



Of course, we’re not shy about sharing that we were in Oprah and Dr.Oz….

total beauty

And we love when bloggers start chatting about us, like when Total Beauty chose Mypainaway Cream After-Burn as one of The Best Products for Sunburn Relief…Treatments That Actually Work, May 2015.




We’ve also hung out with some celebrities like yoga instructor Kristin McGee who wrote about including us as a must-have in her gym bag and Teri Hatcher recommended and used Topricin Foot Therapy Cream at the NYC TCS New York City Marathon in October, 2014.

 So come visit our page regularly to see where we’ve been.  And if you spot us somewhere, please share it with Team Topricin’s Christina Wood.chris

Again, we are so thankful for all our community nominations. And, in the words of Leonardo DiCaprio, up for leading role in the Oscars for The Revenant, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing because we are passionate about our global impact!



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