Topical BioMedics + VGM Retail

A Marine Corps Combat Veteran has teamed up with VGM Retail and Together, They are Changing the Way we Treat Pain

For over 21 years, Topical BioMedics has dedicated itself to serving the needs of doctors and the hundreds of thousands of people they are treating with a 21st century approach to pain relief. They are accomplishing this through healing that changingwayeliminates painkillers and fully restores robust healthy living for pain sufferers everywhere.


Pills. Red and White and blister pack

Unfortunately, millions of people continue to suffer in pain, with many experiencing the hazardous side effects of OTC chemical pain pills or deadly effects of narcotic Rx painkillers. The effect of Rx painkillers is an epidemic that is turning the lives of American families upside down and is undermining the very fabric, as well as the health, of our country.


That changes now.

Topricin a highly trusted and respected brand and was developed by Lou Paradise, the company’s president and an accomplished natural medicines researcher.

Lou is a decorated Marine Corps veteran. He needed a solution for trauma injuries he suffered as a result of the physical demands of serving two tours of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter combat/ rescue crew chief. We are fighting a war with two old enemies; pain and side effects, and we are winning every battle with dedicated commitment and superior tools.

familyWe have used over 2-decades of success with our Topricin formulation platform to go another step with a range of product offerings that centers on ailment-specific packaging to better serve the public needs. Topical BioMedics developed the company’s new “MyPainAway™” line of formulas powered by an advanced Topricin platform. Strategically, these ailment-specific formulas make it easier for people suffering to readily identify a formula specific to their ailment. This includes MyPainAway™ Fibro Cream with a strong following of customers who suffer with fibromyalgia. MyPainAway™ After-Burn Cream, that treats UVR damage caused by the Sun and for 2016 MyPainAway™ Sports Cream. We are proud of our expanded product line and all of our products are guaranteed to work.


painTopricin and MyPainAway Cream formulas contain a combination of 11 to 14 natural biomedicines that work to balance the body’s own healing chemistries. This restores oxygen to the cells for maximum healing of the cells causing the pain. Treating the cause of pain reduces the need for pain pills. This eliminates side effects and restores hope and a robust quality of life. The benefits for people who once suffered is that they now get to enjoy the physical things they love doing with the people they love-simply priceless.


vets2Topricin is honored for being selected by VGM Retail as a key, preferred vendor to restore hope and quality of life with a superior pain management platform. Topricin proudly provides the best pain relief solutions to VGM members serving their patients/customers who no longer have to be desperate for pain relief.


We are all on the same mission; reversing addiction, eliminating side effects and restoring hope and quality of life. Topricin and MyPainAway products are available at a special VGM member discount.


Contact Karina Foster @ or call 845.871.4900 ext. 1116 for more details. Also see Lou Paradise at Medtrade in Las Vegas at booth 1038



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