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Our company welcomes everyday as a day to learn something new – looking to our kids, partners, colleagues, community, and customers to gain new perspectivehum.  Information feeds our souls….and sometimes makes us laugh!

For example, this week, one of our team member’s son drew a picture at breakfast, teaching us that kids see the commercials on television and actually absorb the “warnings”that point out the dangerous side-effects of certain medications.





We also learned that one of our customers, a veterinarian, uses Topricin daily for their horses – promoting quick healing from bug bites to sore muscles that horses experience.


The highlight of our week was learning from Dr. Bill – as he’s affectionately called – from the Linacre Family Chiropratic Office. Dr. Linacre lovingly serves our community with his unique and powerfully effective style of chiropractic. Ever asserting that you’re the one doing the healing, he delivers the message that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Hear, Hear we say at Topricin.  That’s our message too!!


Dr. Linacre started his career as a PE teacher and especially enjoyed working with children with disabilities.  Life steered him in a different direction when he learned of chiropractic. Dr.Billtoo

Dr. Linacre spent over an hour with our team, demonstrating a Chiropractic Spinal Exam and Total Health Scan.  His five steps include:

  1. Structural – He assesses your structural imbalances and helps correct them.
  2. Electrical Pollution –  He tests for electromagnetic interference and allows the body to balance.
  3. Nutrition –  He assesses nutritional, hormonal and infective organism imbalances and recommends nutritional solutions.
  4. Emotion –  He assesses emotional stress imbalances and helps release aberrant emotional patterns.
  5. Toxins –   He tests for heavy metal and toxic interferences and facilitates their release from the body.

We all experienced a few Oprah [it’s her birthday today!] “Ah –Ha!!” moments – our mouths wide open in awe and appreciation.  Thank you Dr. Bill for your true teachings and also giving every single member of our team a gift certificate.


We are so thankful that our companbcorpy literally has out back and, as part of our B Corp practices, we are going to bring in Dr. Bill as a regular practitioner to work on every Topricin Team member.




So we encourage you this week to learn something new. It will make you feel alive and well!learn-something-new





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