A “Recall” for Action

A ReCall for Action:

This week Americans have been very vocal about the dangers of addictive pain medication. For over 20 years, our team at Topricin has becirclecareen humbled by our role of positively assisting hundreds of thousands of people suffering with pain and those addicted to painkillers to achieve fully restored and robust healthy living.  We’re encouraged that more people are linking arms with us, vocalizing that there are safe, natural, and effective options for pain relief!

Unfortunately, millions of people continue to suffer in pain, with many experiencing the negative effects of narcotic painkillers—an epidemic that turns the lives of families upside down.

This week, 1/26/201, the Today Show featured a segment with Savannah Guthrie on the dangers and side effects of overdosing with common pain killers and prescription drugs.


Savannah, herself, admitted that she was guilty of selfdosing with pain medication to relieve her back pain. Watch Here.

We have some fans of Topricin at the Today show, so hopefully they share some of their cream with Savannah.


Pills. Red and White and blister pack

Not only is overdosing and addiction a problem, but even regular doses of specific drugs can harm. This week, the drug Lyrica announced a MAJOR RECALL. Please Read the Article to find out more, and be sure to talk with your doctor.




Thank you Dear Fibromyalgia. for sharing this article with the Fibro community, whom have voiced some their concern on our Facebook Page.  Some of the comments posts:dearfibro


A. SowersMy doctor just prescribed me Lyrica as I am coming off of Cymbalta. I, however, have chosen not to fill it. I will try more natural ways first. My body does not do well with Big Pharma. I have never been a “textbook case” with anything, and doctors get quite puzzled, frazzled, irritated with me. I will go back to my own little world and do my own best methods of coping.

C. Hilliard: What damage is done you are not explaining the problem with these lot numbers! Weight gain is awful. Seizures and balance problems! Swelling of throat trouble breathing! What have you people done to our community now!

A. Caldera: In Europe Lirica is Prohibited

Also, we learned this week that 9/11 First Responders suffer from neuropathy, commonly known as nerve damage, at a rate 15 times higher than normal!!!

(AP Photo/ Beth Keiser)


First Responder, Don Miller expresses the pain of his nerve disease:

The pain I’m sitting with right now in my legs is almost unbearable, he said. I can’t stand still cause the fire, the pain. Read the Article Here

On top of the pain, many are struggling to afford the drugs [that may or may not help] that doctors prescribed.  As Topricin is patented for Neuropathy, we are glad to be a viable option for those struggling.  In fact, our Founder and Formulator Lou Paradise experienced the same intense “burning pain” of neuropathy from injuries suffered after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps on active combat duty during Vietnam, where he was decorated for bravery during military and humanitarian rescue missions.  Always in service, we are recommending and seeking out First Responders for our Topricin “Get Relief, Give Relief” Initiative.  Read More About our Missionmissionlogo




#Changingthewaywetreatpain #TopricinMission #oneforone


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