10,000 STRONG

We are celebrating a Social Milestone this week.  Our Facebook Page just hit 10,000!!!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the love.  As we’ve mentioned before, we are so proud to connect with our friends, family, and followers everyday on our page – sharing fun tips, inspiration, pictures, and behind-the-scene moments here at Topical BioMedics, Inc.

Our Lotto Love Contest was a success and we received over 150 Entries. CONGRATS to our WINNER E. POTTER!!

During our race to 10,000 we also received even more testimonials and Topricin success stories that humble us and encourage us to want to help even more people in the world.  Here are a few:

J. Taylor I have Neuropathy in my hands and feet and Topricin helps tremendously. I have been using it ftext neckor over 5 years and can not be without it

D. Murphy I’ve used a couple of your products and absolutely loved them!! I have a lot of chronic pain and anything that gives me any relief is welcome!

B. Sylvester Great product………..my arthritis loves you.!!


Talking about races and testimonials reminds us of a very notable testimonial from celebrity and philanthropist Teri Hatcher.  Teri used Topricin while training for the NYC marathon in 2014. in support of JP HRO with Sean Penn organization.


We wonder if she shared it with Superman or one of the Desperate Housewives? 😉

Super Topricin


So now that we’ve, literally, creamed the race to our 10,000 friends mark we’re here to say that we aren’t stopping!! In the spirit of Forest Gump, we’ll keep on sharing and sharing until our entire global community experiences True Pain Relief.

So continue to comment, invite your friends, send in your stories….. We’re a large family that will keep on growing and helping generations to come live their best life possible!

#10, 000 strong



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