All We Need is Love

….A Lotto Love!

Did you participate in last week’s historic Powerball Lottery? Some of us here played – always fun to hope and dream.

And though we didn’t win the jackpot, we felt like winners when we recently saw our Facebook page numbers.  We’re almost at 10,000 fans!!



So wonderful that we’re able to connect with our community daily. Thank you Facebook!

We are truly committed to bringing our social media followers content each day that inspires, informs, and, most importantly, makes you smile as you go about your day.

Some examples:

Inspires avocadopudding– Did you know that avocado extract can selectively kill oral cancer cells by prompting them to self-destruct (a process called apoptosis); at the same time, it supports the health of non-cancerous cells by increasing their supply antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients. We shared a healthy pudding recipe from our friends at 4wholeness.




Informs. sunTopricin President and Product Formulator Lou Paradise hosts webinars that are MIND-BLOWING! You can listen to previous recorded one’s here:







Makes you laugh! Our version of Sharknado. Lou hanging out with a new friend in Orlando at the largest board, sports, and beach/resort show in the world this past week.




You also will see special discounts for our fans like the one below.  So visit our page dailyJ


Now, back to the lotto…we’d much rather give than receive so, inspired by the large lotto, we decided to make our own Record-Breaking Giveway!!   We have never given away such a large gift.  When we hit 10,000 fans….predicted to be in a couple of weeks…. we’ll draw someone’s name to win our full-line of Topricin and MyPainAway Products, a value of over $250!!!!



Click Here to Enter:

Tag Us on Twitter for More Chances to Win! Don’t forget to use the Hashtag
#JackTop #TopricinContest

Thank you for loving our product – Topricin is called a “miracle cream” almost daily. And thank you most for loving our company spirit.

Good Luck to all our  FACEBOOK FANS ….we look forward to celebrating 10,000 with you soon!!



#JackTop #10,000Fans #Thank you Facebook #LOVE



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