Never Stop Learning about YOU!

One of our favorite quotes here at Topricin is from Mahatma Gandhi, as he advised “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever….”


Leading my example is our CEO Research Development and Product Formulator of Topricin® and MyPainAway® products Lou Paradise.

Lou Young Marine 1

Decorated for bravery as a Marine Corps helicopter combat and rescue veteran serving two rotations in Vietnam, Lou has a profound appreciation for every second of life….

And, for over sixty years, he has studied holistic/homeopathic pain management –traveling the world, studying texts, and working with thousands of practitioners, which is why his topical patented healing technologies are mandatory treatment protocol at world renowned medical centers, reducing dependency for pain pills.

Living and Learning is why we are dedicated in service. Not only are we a product company but our primary work and mission is to drive an integrated evolving model for medicine–one where safe and effective treatments are widely available, and where no one has to live in pain.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge with our friends, family, followers, and loyal fans so they can achieve fully restored and robust healthy living.

In doing so, we launched Topical BioMedics’ Pain Management Webinar Video Series in February 2015. Workshops are hosted by our Lou and topics covered include discussions on pain and the body’s healing chemistries, inflammation and the immune system, and how lifestyle factors such as exercise, hydration,and nutrition affect our health. In addition, specific conditions and ailments will be addressed, including: diabetes; fibromyalgia; arthritis; carpal tunnel; sports injuries; Plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and more.myweb

So Live, Learn, and Start 2016 armed with information that will increase the quality of your life. water



For example, did you know that just by drinking a cup of water, you can decrease your pain?!



Want to learn more??

Visit our Pain Management Workshop page now for life-bettering webinar videos. Our most recent one “New Year, New You: Why Resolutions Fail?


One thought on “Never Stop Learning about YOU!

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  1. Susan Green Florence SC

    Fibro cream “Topricin” cream has been amazing for me. The pain can awaken me, I use the cream on numerous areas- neck, middle back, hands, calls and find in 10 mins. The pain is gone.
    I love it. Thank you for developing a safe topical for chronic pain.

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