New Year Inspiration & Community Contest


It’s the timely topic we’re all talking about….New Year Resolutions and Goals.

Have you made them? Or have you vowed not to set yourself up in fear of  failure? Forbes Magazine estimates that more than 40 percent of Americans make resolutions but only 8 percent of people achieve their goals.

Well, we have a 2016 goal for our entire community – to move past pain & illness without harmful drugs!! And we’ll help you achieve that goal.


It can be done. We are contacted daily by champions in our community who have reduced their pain medications, started sleeping again, got out of bed, started walking again, playing sports, playing with their family …. there is hope!  Just meet our Donna K – a cancer survivor

“If it wasn’t for Topricin I wouldn’t be able to get dressed and go to classes. You were such a life saver. My neuropathy used to keep me from getting out of bed some days, but thanks to Topricin I can now get dressed and not have to worry about pain. It really helps me so much, so thank you so much for introducing this miracle cream into my life.”



And Marilyn….

“I had been using a very expensive prescription cream for my pain and I was only having partial relief. I purchased the cream yesterday. I was AMAZED within twenty minutes the pain was 90% gone! This is the first time I have not been in severe pain that was so bad I was using a cane. This is the only product I have found that actually works like the company said it will.”

Our CEO and Founder Lou Paradise has dedicated 25 years of research in the application of herbal and homeopathic medicines and therapies, and nutritional supplements to stimulate health and healing.  And he, along with the entire Topricin Team, are here to support you this year to put Pain on The Do Not Call List.

You can learn directly from Lou on this FREE Podcast offered by The Inspire Nation Show. Here, Lou teaches on pain management, inflammation, overcoming injuries, concerns about meds, pain killer addiction, natural medicine’s and what you need to know if you’re ever injured or in great pain!


You can also check out Lou’s free monthly pain management webinars launched in February 2015. The webinars are streamed live the second Tuesday of each month from 12pm to 1pm then archived on the company’s WordPress blog for on-demand access 24/7.

As well, visit our Wellness Corner for Health Tips, Pain Management Workshops, and Newsletters at


CONTEST ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Share Your Story with us.  Have we helped you reach your goals this year?  Have you reduced your pain medication? Started walking again…dancing?! However we have helped restore your quality of life we’d love to hear from you.  Every entry made from 01/6/2016 – 03/01/2016 will be entered to win a YEAR supply of Topricin. The winner, picked at random, with receive x12 2oz tubes of Topricin.  Email or write a direct review on your favorite product on our shopping page at


Change the Way You Treat Your Pain this Year and Join our Community of Champions.


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