The TOPricin Place to Travel

Travel Topricin

Where in the world is Topricin?….All Over!

We’ve traveled nationwide this year – from New York to Maryland; Florida to New Orleans; Dallas to California….we’ve brought our life-saving, Flagship Healing products to Americans Nationwide since we’re proudly made in the USA!


Some of the fun industry shows we participated in, where we met thousands of our loyal Topricin users and new fans include:


As well, a travel highlight of the year is when two of our Topricin team members attended The B Corp Champions Retreat at Skamania Lodge in Washington State, 45 minutes North of Portland, Oregon.  A beautiful part of the country!


And  remember for the New Year – if you are traveling or cruising, surfing or swimming, bring your Topricin cream.


From swollen feet to burnt skin to all-over aches and pains, healing the damage causing the pain is a claim only found with Topricin and MyPainAway Creams and why they are listed as must-have-products to have on-hand for any trip you take, so any pain can be healed away.

Says the “Traveling is tough on the body and can be particularly hard on your feet. From running through the airport to catching a flight to taking one tour after another, feet get quite the workout. This can result in aches and pains that can even ruin an experience. For this reason, consider packing Topricin Foot Therapy Cream.”

And I keep one at home and one in my travel bag for sun burns etc. We have used many other natural products including high quality aloe vera, but nothing compares to this!…” – Amazon Customer.


We’re Proud to help you Pack, Pain-Free in 2016!



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