July 14th Pain Management Webinar: Coping with Chemo-Induced Neuropathy

Our life’s true heroes are those who inspire us beyond words and none are more inspiring to us then our brave warriors battling cancer as they fight all along their journey to wellness and healing. If the cancer and the surgeries that follow aren’t challenging enough, the side effects of chemo-therapy can put these precious people on the edge.

One of the most common and debilitating side effects of chemotherapy is chemo-induced neuropathy. The excruciating pain–sometimes described “it felt like my feet and hands were fire”–is the number one reason cancer patients prematurely stop their treatments.

neuropathy woman hands

My journey to wellness and healing started with a severe bout with nerve pain. Until then being someone always healthy I couldn’t imagine life turned upside down because of pain. I was determined to conquer this issue and kick pain out of my life. Creating Topricin was the typical story of necessity being the mother of invention, and I was determined to make sure no one else would ever have to suffer the way I did. And I am humbled by the fact that Topricin is helping to support cancer patients on their healing journey, especially with nerve pain (neuropathy).

I invented Topricin following two tours of active duty serving in as a US Marine Corps helicopter medivac combat/rescue crew chief in Vietnam. As a result of the physical demands of my missions, I suffered from cumulative trauma injuries. Because of my nerve-related injuries, there were times my nerve pain felt like I was sticking my fingers into an electrical socket, jolting pain from the tips of my fingers to my elbows in both hands. When the pain was at its worst, I was lucky to get two hours of sleep, and most of that was while sitting up in a chair as when I laid down the pain was more extreme.

Surgery was not the answer and I refused to use pain pills, as they did not work. With a extensive background in natural medicine and research of how the body actually heals itself, I knew I could find a best way of treating the cause of this painful condition.

I began using homeopathic biomedicines in a cream base and experimented with various combinations on the pain areas which over the first few months had a measurable effect and eased my pain. I was actually able to get four hours of sleep per night, then five, then six, and an sleeping in actual bed was like being on vacation. Sleep is crucial to the healing process since the body does its primary repair while we are resting. Decades later I remain pain and symptom free, and no meds to take – thank you very much.


Healing is the body’s ultimate weapon to relieve pain. Topricin is the ultimate support the healing process by helping the body heal the cells causing the pain. Topricin has helped hundreds of thousands of patients with chemo-induced neuropathy find the healing relief they need to counteract the side effects of chemo-therapy. Topricin products are safe will not interfere with any other medication, and provides the ideal treatment for pain associated with neuropathy and fibromyalgia, and eliminating the need for oral pain pills, and the side effects they produce.

As a pain management expert, I am delighted to share other vital information including; nutrition and supplementation, hydration practices that will provide you smart options and choices to help see for yourself you can feel and get better.

It is everyone’s birthright to have a vibrant, joyful quality of life, doing the things you love with the people you love And I am honored to have an opportunity to support your own healing journey.

“Coping with Chemo-Induced Neuropathy” will be streamed live on Tuesday, July 14th, 12pm – 1pm.  Afterward, the workshop will be archived and accessible 24/7. The webinar is free, and you may register by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/PMW_CopingNeuropathy

Your questions and comments are welcome during the webinar. We hope you’ll join us, and we welcome your feedback. . For more information or to submit a question, contact media@topicalbiomedics.com

Please Read—We care about you! Information contained herein is educational in nature & not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a medical issue, be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner. Always let your healthcare practitioner know when you are considering any self-help treatment, especially if you are taking prescription drugs. Be sure to see your healthcare practitioner for any pain that has lasted more than 3 days.

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