Daily Essentials for Active Families – Barlean’s Joint Remedy + Topricin Pain Relief


Barlean’s www.Barleans.com and Topricin www.topricin.com have joined together to help active families thrive throughout their day.

Are you and your family always on the move – from work, play, sports, and more? Do you know that in order to prevent injury and keep on moving, then having and maintaining joint health is crucial?

Celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor Kristin McGee www.kristinmcgee.com is truly aware of her body’s bones and the need to nurture and support joint health. Says Kristin,

As a trainer and instructor, I can’t emphasize enough how important understanding at least the basics of human movement; and how our bodies and muscles work is if you’re going to be exercising. I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me with previous injuries that could have been avoided with just a little extra knowledge. The more you know, the more effective your workouts will become.

Kristin knows that in order to keep up with her packed schedule she needs to pack for success. A company ambassador, Kristin’s gym bag includes all-natural Barlean’s Omega-7 Joint RemedyTM Mountain Berry Swirl and Topricin to nurture her bones from the inside-out.
Inside: She takes a spoon of delicious-tasting Omega-7 Joint RemedyTM Mountain Berry Swirl that has been clinically studied for its potential to reduce inflammation and strengthen the nervous system and joints. Hyaluronic Acid is widely used to support increased cushioning in the joints and improve the quality of synovial fluid–the fluid that protects joints and bones by acting as a lubricant and shock absorber. The combination of lowered systemic inflammation (from Omega-7) and the restored cushioning of joints (from Hyaluronic Acid) can significantly improve joint health.

Outside: Morning and Night, Kristin applies Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream to help maximize homeostatic balance in joint, nerve and muscle tissue to resolve pain. Topricin excels in its ability to maintain a natural detoxification at the cellular level while helping the body maintain healthy oxygen-rich blood to the cells, all of which are vital in maintaining bone and joint health. And, according to sports physiologists, Topricin also keeps the pathways open that are necessary for the body to deliver the nutrients to the joints.

Pack Your Day For Action! Purchase our #ActionPack that includes a 4oz Jar of Topricin + 11.2 oz Barlean’s Omega-7 Joint RemedyTM Mountain Berry Swirl  – $20 OFF both products combined!!

Shop at www.Barleans.com or at www.Topricin.com

Barleans Topricin Group

Learn More Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fcJvn0Q9Yo

Find Kristin’s favorite moves at Health.com. Download her free yoga video at www.KristinMcGee.com.
Kristin McGee, Barlean’s, and Topricin will host a twitter party April 21st at 1pm EST on the theme The Healthy Handbag – How Does Your Family Prepare for their Action-Packed Day?


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