Discover the Role Diet & Hydration Play in Health & Reducing Pain and the Medication You May be Taking

What is hydration really? The human body requires consuming enough fluids (hydration), water being the primary source for life to exist and enabling us to maintain optimum health. Find out what really happens to your joints when you don’t drink enough water, and other more serious health issues.

Also, many of us know there is no perfect diet, but most people are unaware that some of the foods in our diet contribute to the pain we experience.

Proper hydration is vital to health….But not all beverages are created equal.  In fact, some actually cause the body to become dehydrated.  Also, certain foods can cause inflammation, which contributes to pain issues.  Moreover, certain foods in our diet can contribute to diabetes, heart and respiratory problems, as well as compromise our immune system.

pain mgmt water 1

During this webinar you’ll learn about what is beneficial to consume and what is not. It will also include guidelines on how you can really look at what you eat and drink, and experiment with reducing or eliminating some of the foods and beverages that may cause pain and other issues. You’ll also learn how simple changes can have a huge impact on how you feel.

This is going to be a lively, information-packed session with insights you can easily apply to your lifestyle, hosted by Lou Paradise, company president, chief of research, and pain management expert.

“The Role Diet & Hydration Play in Health & Pain Management” will be streamed live on Tuesday, April 14th, 12pm – 1pm.  Afterwards, the workshop will be archived and accessible 24/7. The webinar is free, and you may register by clicking on this link:

pain mgmt nutrition & hydration 1

Your questions and comments are welcome during the webinar. We hope you’ll join us, and we welcome your feedback.

For more information or to submit a question, contact Patricia Martin, Marketing Director, at 845-871-4900 ext. 1113 or email

All of our webinars are designed to encourage you to take a proactive role in your health, and discover how you can make a difference in your health and do the same for all the people you love.

Please Read—We care about you! Information contained herein is educational in nature & not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a medical issue, be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner. Always let your healthcare practitioner know when you are considering any self-help treatment, especially if you are taking prescription drugs. Be sure to see your healthcare practitioner for any pain that has lasted more than 3 days.

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