Daily Essentials for Active Families – Barlean’s Joint Remedy + Topricin Pain Relief

  Barlean’s http://www.Barleans.com and Topricin http://www.topricin.com have joined together to help active families thrive throughout their day. Are you and your family always on the move - from work, play, sports, and more? Do you know that in order to prevent injury and keep on moving, then having and maintaining joint health is crucial? Celebrity... Continue Reading →


Pain Management: The Role Diet & Hydration Play in Health & Wellness Replay

For those who missed the airing of Topricin’s Pain Management Webinar with Lou Paradise, “The Role Diet & Hydration Play in Health & Wellness,” the replay is available by clicking the link below. Our ongoing pain management webinars are free and open to the public. For more information contact Patricia at pmartin@topicalbiomedics.com. Key search words/tag:... Continue Reading →

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