Join with us for Joints


Specially for Arthritis sufferers, Topricin is offering an exclusive package deal:

30% off your purchase
Plus FREE with purchase: 3/4 ounce tube
#GetReliefGiveRelief: One Tube of Topricin donated on your behalf to a free pain clinic.
Promocode: Arth30

WHY WE CARE: Arthritis and related conditions are a source of excruciating chronic pain, affecting more than 1 in five Americans, including 300,000 children. No one deserves to suffer; Everyone deserves hope and quality of life.

HOW WE CARE: The #1 use for Topricin by customers is for Arthritis. Topricin has helped hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain experience the healing relief they deserve…reducing or even eliminating the need for oral pain pills.

Our CEO Lou Paradise explains how our company’s homeopathic creams help maximize homeostatic balance in joint, nerve and muscle tissue to resolve pain:

By keeping the joints healthy in a crisis/injury and in its role as a preventive (used before and after physical exertion), Topricin excels in its ability to maintain a natural detoxification at the cellular level while helping the body maintain healthy oxygen-rich blood to the cells, all of which are vital in maintaining bone and joint health. And, according to sports physiologists, Topricin also keeps the pathways open that are necessary for the body to deliver the nutrients to the joints….

Learn more from Topricin’s CEO Lou Paradise in WholeFoods Magazine article How Diet and Lifestyle Choices can Maintain Bone and Joint Health


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