A Homerun for our Healing Heroes

Take me out to the Spartan Race! As a proud sponsor of Spartan Races, we were recently on-site at the Sprint Race held at Boston’s infamous Fenway Park, Nov.14-16 2014 – one of the most unique and fun Spartan Races. Handing-out Topricin like hotdogs and hotcakes, we were happy to support the aches of pains of Spartan Warriors and our cream was extremely appreciated by participants as temperatures were a bucket of ice-cold, constricting athletic bodies, resulting in pain.

During our day at the legendary ballpark, we met some incredible and inspiring legends in their own right. One was Heather “Run to Inspira,” who races for fallen Veterans to bring awareness to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A tragic reality: Studies indicate that, along with suffering from PTSD, veterans are twice as likely to be prescribed opioid and other narcotic pain medications for dealing with their physical pain. Which is why Heather is so appreciative of Topricin’s all-natural and effective formula – helping her and the veterans she runs for discover true relief without the use of addictive pain meds.

Heather’s work with Veterans hits home for us, beyond the ballpark, as Topricin’s founder and formulator is a decorated Vietnam Marine Corps veteran and we are humbly part of Project New Hope -Where Veterans Rebuild With Honor. As well, Topricin Honors Veterans year-round, offering 30% to Veterans with the code VET30 (and free shipping).

We loudly cheer-on all Spartans and Veterans and applaud your winning spirit! Meet Heather at Fenway Park Here on YouTube:



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